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 Messages From Spirit

  • One and one is not always two. It depends upon the equation or formula the person is using. It is necessary to empower the mind to be open to the many possibilities around us.
  • Not everything you see is real. It is mainly an illusion, which can vanish in a blink of an eye. The only absolute reality is spirit. It is eternal. It is essential to keep it pure and in God’s light.
  • Many individuals negate the existence of spirit, only to reach the other side and discover that we are all spirits.
  • In recent times, the earth’s atmosphere has been contaminated more by negative energies. Humans are being submerged in a downward spiral. Respect and love for our fellowman are slowly dissipating, and catastrophes are becoming more common.  In order to combat the negative energies that are suffocating us, humanity must unite and become one.  Only then can we recapture the true essence of the self and live in a state of harmony. Let us teach our children to love and respect one another. For our future depends on them. Where love exists, negative energy cannot survive.
  • You cannot undo past events or behaviors. However, you can learn from them and do good.
  • God created Love. Love creates a loving person; a loving person creates a loving family; a loving family creates a loving community; a loving community creates a loving country; a loving country creates a loving world (Buddhist saying; Author Unknown). Let's us spread love to others.
  • A precious stone buried in mud cannot reveal its beauty or radiance. The stone needs to be removed from the mud and cleaned in order for its true form and brilliance to come out. 

In order for our true self to shine, we need to purge all negative emotions and thoughts from within.

Sometimes the process is long and agonizing, but the results are priceless.

  • Take good care of the body for it is the only one you will get in this lifetime.
  • What matter is not what is in the Brain, rather what is in the Heart

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Messages from spirit - It is not the end; it is just the beginning.

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