What is an Orb ?

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What is an Orb ?
Airborne Particles or Spirit Energy?

What is an orb ? Are they photographic errors or backscatter created by water spots or airborne particles on the lens? Or are they spirit orbs? 

While some believe orbs are caused by, "... the camera's flash being reflected from unfocused motes of dust, water droplets, or other particles in the air or water" (Wikipedia), others believe orbs are, "... electromagnetic energy fields that contain angelic energy, which appears to humans in the form of light. Angels sometimes use orbs as their vehicles." (learnreligions)

orbswhat is an orb ?

Read and Decide

Although I cannot give a decisive answer to the questions above, I can only supply the reader with information from other sources, indicating that in many cases they are spirit emanations.

It is up to the reader to determine whether orbs are spirit emanations or just orbs caused by photographic errors due to camera defects.

orbs 2

My Experience

As a child, I started seeing unusual objects I couldn't explain. It was when I grew up that I learned they were spirit orbs.

Even today, while rare, I still see them either in a flash before me or when I shut my eyes.

These orbs are typically a bright lavender shade, but they occasionally appear white.

Based on my experience, spirit orbs tend to show up in locations with high levels of spiritual activity.

Although I am not entirely sure about the reasons or mechanisms behind it, I find it both thrilling and reassuring to know that we are not alone if they are indeed a manifestation of spiritual energy from the spirit world.

Paranormal Circles

The idea of orbs being spiritual energy goes back many years. In 1906, C.V.Miller, a spiritual medium, visited Munich, Germany. During his visit, he conducted séances at private residences. It was noted that luminous globes, orbs, or clouds would take form near the ceiling during the séances.

orbs 2what is an orb ?

In the annals of Psychic Science (#21, 1906) C.de Vesme reported, "A white ball, as of gas, about a quarter of a yard in diameter appeared in the air at the upper extremity of the curtains. Finally, it came down rested on the floor, and in less than a minute changed into a long shape, was transformed into a draped human form, which subsequently spoke."

British medium Arthur Findlay wrote about a séance conducted by medium John Campbell Sloan. He stated, "Lights the size of half a crown floated about the room, but I could not catch them..."

orbs 3

In Researches In The Phenomena Of Spiritualism (1874, Sir William Crookes wrote, "I have seen a solid luminous body, the size, and nearly the shape of a turkey's egg, float noiselessly about the room...and then gently descending to the floor. It was visible for more than 10 minutes, and before it faded away, it struck a table 3 times with a sound like that of a hard solid body."

Lily Dale, Spiritualist Community

During a visit to Lily Dale, my friend and I decided to go into the woods at night. With just a small flashlight to guide our footsteps, we headed to the stump area.

Feeling a presence around us, I took a picture (see picture below to the left). In the center up high is a small luminous circular object.

What I found to be intriguing is the object in the front. It appears to be the shape of two individuals-one larger than the other.

lily dale orb

Padre Pio's Sarcophagus

orbs 6

Klaus Heinemann and Gundi Heinemann, authors of Orbs Their Mission and Messages of Hope, wrote that during a visit to San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy where Padre Pio's sarcophagus is located, they felt his presence in the room. When they took a photo of the area, it revealed a bright moving orb. 'Padre Pio's spirit was still bringing guidance and support to his followers."

Padre Pio is a guardian angel who continues to spread his light to all of humanity.

Whether you believe that orbs are spirit emanations or not is a personal choice. Many things in life cannot be explained fully. Everything in life is possible.

For more information on orb vibration and orb pictures, I recommend reading Orbs Their Mission and Messages of Hope by Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., and Gundi Heinemann.

Are Orbs Good or Bad Spirits ?

According to Astrology Cosmos, there are different colors of orbs that will determine whether it is a good or bad spirits. 

Black Orbs- "When you see a black ghost orb, you should pay attention. The ghostly spirit may be trying to tell you that a specific location is not safe and that there could be a danger nearby. It could be a warning about high levels of negative energy. If you feel unsafe as you approach the black orb, then make sure to stay away from it.

"Black or brown orbs could represent evil and darkness, so make sure to take care whenever you approach them. Ideally, you should try to avoid the spot where you see the black or brown orb."

Silver or White Orbs-"These colors indicate a connection to a higher power. Silver orbs are often a sign of protection for the people in that area. If you see this color of ghost orb, relax because the spirits are trying to guide and protect you.

"White and silver ghost orbs show that the spirit may be stuck on this plane and cannot move on to the next life. These orbs are generally peaceful and not something to worry about."

Another website called Spiritual Unite, gives the following: 

Clear orb-"The significance of clear orb is a sign that the spirit or entity is attempting to interact with you.

The spirit is trying to tell you some event has taken place in the location you are, the spirit is asking for your help to move on."

I highly recommend the reader to visit the websites, for they list a whole range of Orb colors with their meaning. 

Comment by Reader

"My boyfriend picked up a handmade armoire from a dumpster across the street. It was painted pink on one side. The other side was unpainted.

The orb that appeared around the armoire was near the unpainted side. The orb appeared to have the face of a child.

Above that orb was a lighter orb. It seemed to be the face of a girl or woman looking down at the child orb. They were both together within the same orb.

I had two Native American smudging books inside a box. In addition to the books, there were herbs, such as Lavender, White Sage, Pine, Mandrake Root, and others inside the box. The books were kept in the box for a long time. When I placed the books in the armoire, the orbs manifested into spirits. Although the naked eye does not see these spirits, they appear clearly in pictures.

orbs dresser

"I am a beacon and medium. Also, I am a healer who possesses high psychic powers. Spirits are drawn to me for help. I will let you know more.

"Post these two pictures together. I believe these orbs transformed into a mist of ghosts.

"These orbs are real and not dust particles.

"Thank you, and again God Bless. - with love Sandy."

(Sandy and her boyfriend took the pictures.)

orbs ghost

Wax Museum Madame Tussauds in N.Y.

orbs 11

Recently, I attended Madame Tussauds' wax museum in New York City. Many photos were taken. However, the most interesting one was the wax figure of Whitney Houston. An orb-shaped figure appeared next to the wax model. The other photos taken that same day were normal.

After viewing the Whitney Houston picture on different computers, I noticed that not all computers were able to show the numerous orbs displayed in the original photo.

Be aware that the sparkling lights in the background are not spiritual orbs.

The so-called orb is located on the upper left side of her arm.

What is an orb ? You decide.

what are orbs, what are orbs, what are orbs, what are orbs

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