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Q-Can someone  become a medium?

A-We are all born mediums. Everyone has mediumship abilities. However, not everyone develops them. Mediumship is something the person needs to work to develop. Many do not wish to do the work. The first thing the person must focus on is to strip negative thoughts and actions from their being. Negative spirits feed on the person's imperfections and weaknesses. In addition, you must be open to receiving and accepting the communications coming from spirits. Doubt can be a person's worst enemy.

Q= I am afraid of dying. Should I be?

A= To die is to live. "Dead we are when in the material body, and alive when we cast it off" (Divaldo Franco-Obsession). Life after death is a continuation of life. We don't die. Our spirit goes on.

Q= If I choose to follow a spiritual path, will I be happy?

A= You must first define happiness. Are you seeking happiness of the body or spirit? Although a spiritual path is not always easy, it is definitely fulfilling.

During a person's spiritual development, many lessons are presented. Some are emotionally charged. This is necessary in order to cleanse and free the incarnate spirit of past debts. The result is a liberated and enlightened spirit.

Remember, happiness of the body is temporary; while happiness of the spirit is eternal.

Q= Is it wrong to want to excel in this world?

A= No, on the contrary, it is important to be the best you can be. Everyone who comes into this world has a mission to fulfill. It is important to discover your personal mission, and do your very best. With love, respect and determination, you can reach for the stars.

Q= When will I know I have reached the correct spiritual path?

A= Every fiber of your body will tell you so. When you are on the right path, your incarnate spirit releases energy of peace and joy. Moreover, the spirits of light that encircle you intensify those feelings. That is an indicator that you are on the right spiritual path.

Q= I recently went to a psychic to have a reading. What she said made no sense to me. I felt she was a fake and was lying. What do you have to say about psychics or mediums?

A= If the person who is doing the reading is authentic and spiritually connected, and you feel that nothing that was said to you made sense it could mean two things.

The first possibility is that perhaps your spirit guides were preventing the reader from giving you information for numerous and/or personal reasons. The other possibility can be that the information is connected to something that has not happened but will happen in the near future.

If a person is not authentic, or connected to spirit, it is more than likely that he/she is guessing or using a probing technique. The probing technique is used to get information from the client. Such as, are you married? would you like to get married? are you working? and so on. These individuals are charlatans or as I prefer calling them- wanna be mediums or psychics.

Q= I have been told that I am a medium and need to develop my spiritual abilities. What will happen if I refuse to follow that path?

A= "If neglected, it becomes a source of Darkness and constant misfortune, ending up by overcoming the imprudent host who disrespects it. If rejected, it may turn into an open door to many forms of alienation and physical diseases of difficult diagnosis…” (Divaldo Franco -Obsession).

Q= How can I tell when spirits are around me?

A= First, you must be willing to accept and not negate their presence. When the energy is present, you will experience an inexplicable sensation. A passing breeze when all windows and/or doors are closed; a scent of a flower when no flowers are present, a faraway whisper or calling of your name when you are the only person in the room are just a few ways spirits communicate with us.

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Q= I want to know more about a spirit that is in my house. She has started to contact my boyfriend and me. At about 1:25 this morning, the spirit contacted us again. She started drawing me in and physically made me watch her walk down the stairs. I do not know how or why she keeps contacting us. I would like to find out. What can I do?

A= First, you must determine what kind of energy you are dealing with. Is it a good or uncomfortable energy? Besides the initial fright, what feelings are you and boyfriend experiencing?

If you feel comfortable around the energy, then try to establish some kind of communication between you and the spirit energy. First, place a glass of water on top of a table, say a few prayers and imagine yourself covered with God’s divine light. Ask God for his protection and permission to communicate with the spirit. Do not be anxious to communicate. Let the process happen naturally.

If nothing happens on the first attempt, try again. If at any point you feel the presence of the spirit, speak to it, and ask it to reveal its intentions.

If you feel that the energy is negative, place a glass of water, as described above, say prayers dedicated to negative spirits, imagine God’s protective shield surrounding your entire being, and ask God to allow his spirit messengers to remove the energy from your home. If you can get some holy water, sprinkle some around your home and say, "In the name of God, go with the spirits of light that are present, and begin your new journey to a better place. In the name of God, free yourself from darkness and enter the light.”

As mentioned above, the process may take several attempts. Do not be discouraged.

Q=Hello, for over a year, I have been suffering because of presence of evil spirits. The spirits are with me everywhere, inside and outside my home. There are at least two men spirits and three women spirits. The spirits came to my life and told me that they come to me to improve my life. But after a year, I can see that it is an ordinary lie. They are parasites, and feed on my energy. They don’t want to help me, they want to control my life for their own purpose. I heard that good spirits only suggest what to do and they don’t do anything by force. The spirits which are tormenting me, now tell me simply what to do. When I disagree with them, they slap my face, my head, jerk my guts which is very painful. So please do help me, please pray for me and drive them away from me for good. I really need your help. I wait to hear from you.

A= Did anything occur in your life a year ago that can account for the appearance of these low spirits? How do you know that your present situation is the result of negative spiritual energy? How do you know there are two male and three female spirits? Are you a medium? If you are a medium, how long have you been a medium? Is it possible you are doing something that is attracting these spirits, or is it a past life issues? These and other questions need to be addressed before determining why these spirits are tormenting you.

You are correct in your assumption. Evil spirits, as you call them, feed off the energy of their victims. However, it is important to remember that these spirits attach themselves to individuals who are spiritually weak and vulnerable. They play with the person’s fears and imperfections.

Sometimes, low spirits disguise themselves as spirits of light. It is their way of gaining control of the person. If the person is ignorant of who their spirit guides are or spiritually undeveloped, they can easily fall into the trap of these spirits.

When Jesus went into the wilderness, Satan approached him. Satan did not present himself with horns on his head or a long tail. He presented himself as an ordinary man. He offered Jesus water and food, which Jesus refused. Then, he offered Jesus all the riches of the world. Again, Jesus refused. Although Satan had disguised himself as an ordinary man, Jesus could see who he was and what his intentions were. Finally, after seeing that Jesus’ faith in God was steadfast, Satan disappeared.

Strong faith in God is the most important element in the removal of negative energy. You need to embrace God’s light and energy, and create a protective shield around you.

After accomplishing the above-mentioned, you need to do a self-evaluation. This can be done by yourself, with the help of others or professional. The key is to be honest with yourself. It is necessary to determine if your behavior, inner feelings or thoughts are attracting this energy. Whatever comes up, work it through, let it go and release it to the universe. This process can take some time.

Prayer is also important. Prayers for destructive spirits, spirit guides, and others can be quite beneficial. Prayer is a method of communicating with God. Therefore, pray with faith.

Cleanse yourself and home with holy water. Call upon God and his messengers of light to guide and assist you during the process. Negative energy can only be victorious if you allow it to be. Be strong and allow your faith in God to grow.

Remember, evil is the opposite of good. You need to move away from the darkness and enter the light. Let the evil spirits see that you will no longer be their puppet. Cut the strings and free yourself.

If possible, attend a spiritual gathering or spiritual church. Good and benevolent mediums can assist you during the process.

Q= Last night I had a weird experience. I felt my mother’s presence in the room. It was like I have had in the past which wakes me up. It’s a beautiful sensation that I get when she’s around. This time I felt her in the room, but what woke me up was a white light that flashed in the room. Before it woke me up, she caressed my hair, and I told her, you came back. It was just a few seconds long.

The weird part was after I woke up, I tried to get out of bed, but couldn’t. It felt like I was stuck and couldn’t move. As I laid there trying to get up, I started seeing things crawling on the ceiling, and the ceiling fan was rotating fast that I thought it was going to fall. It was scary. I’ve never experienced that before. I started to pray and it stopped, what was this?

A= Although I cannot tell you for sure the reason for your profound experience, I can give you my personal thoughts on your spiritual experience.

Your experience feels like a warning of some sort, in which your mother is trying to assist you. The fact that you felt stuck and immobile could be you are or will be experiencing a situation in your life that will block you from moving forward.

Prayer and faith in God are your salvation, and way to dismantle whatever obstacle comes your way. You should always remember that there is light at the end of every dark and long tunnel. Your mom is showing you the way.

Q= Can you please help me with my confusion? A few years ago, my husband and I were walking along the beach, and every now and then, we would stop to pick up shells. I said to my husband, as we were walking along the waters edge, “If you find a stone with a natural hole it's very lucky.” As I said that, my hubby and I noticed a couple of steps away from us a stone, he picked it up, and it had a hole in it. We were very surprised and took it back home with us after our walk.

When I got home and had a good look at this stone, I noticed that its shape was of a face. I was very intrigued!

One day, I was meditating and went into the stone. A Being, with 3 heads on one body, approached me and gave me a message. I answered him. A few minutes after the meditation, I was trying to get my head around to what he said. So, I looked at the stone that was still in my hand and asked it to show me a sign. A few days later, they did.

A month or so later, they returned. They showed themselves (the Face) as a reflection on my window. I wasn't sure what to do or say. At the same time, I was listening to a good friend on the phone, who was very upset. I couldn't just tell her to stop talking, and didn't want to be rude to her. So the Face disappeared! After the phone conversation, I asked them aloud to return, but they didn't!

Months later, they came to me again and this time I was sleeping. I felt a hard poking at the foot of my bed. I woke up, felt and heard as if someone ran to the corner of the room, but there was no one there, I then looked to the edge of the bed and the imprint of this Face of the stone was on the bed sheets! I was a bit scared; because my first thought was that someone broke in and was in my room. I got out of bed because I had a great urge to go to the bathroom. When I returned, the impression on the sheets was gone. I asked them to return, but they didn't. They haven't since.

I have been asking them to return, and apologized to them for my reactions/ actions if I seemed rude or ignorant to them. What can I do so that they hear me and return??? Surely, they understand the circumstances I was in?? Did they plan to appear to me when I'm busy, Why don't they appear when I'm not busy?? If you would like me to send you a picture of the stone, I gladly will, and maybe you can give me some insight on it. Thank-you very very much. Hope my story not too long for you to read! :)) Look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great day. Love and Light.

A= Spirits have not left you. It is just a shift in your spiritual process. Things happen for reasons that are beyond our comprehension. The thought of finding a stone, meditating and seeing a figure are just part of your spiritual journey.

Your spiritual journey did not commence with the finding of the stone. It has been an ongoing process since your childhood. The recent occurrences are just part of a long line of spiritual happenings in your life.

An apple does not fall from the tree until it is ready to do so. The same thing happens with us. Spiritual things manifest when our Divine Creator feels the time is right. We may want things to happen now, but it is not for us to determine when or how.

The figure that appeared to you is very interesting. It appears to be a symbol of some sort. It is the representation of one of your spirit guides.

I found your story of the phone conversation and visit from spirit to be quite interesting.

"They later returned (month or so) and showed themselves (the Face) as a reflection on my window. I wasn't sure what to do or say and at the same time, I was already listening to a good friend on the phone, who was very upset, I couldn't just tell her to stop talking and didn't want to be rude to her, so the Face disappeared!”

What would you have done if someone came to your door with urgent news? Would you have rejected them? The proper thing would be to say to your friend, "Excuse me a minute," and attend to the person who is at your door with urgent news.

Perhaps, they wanted to give you a message for your friend or supply the comforting words that were needed at that moment. Spirits appear when they feel it is necessary, and not when we want them to.

Do not worry. Spirits of light have not gone, and are not upset with you. They are by your side this very minute. I would suggest you continue to meditate and pray. Allow the spiritual light to enter you. When you feel the energy of spirit around, become one with it. Let them guide you and take you to where you need to go. Do not become over-anxious. Let the process occur gradually. Remember, spirit knows more about you than you know about yourself.

Always pray for God's permission to allow spirits to connect with you. Without His permission, nothing will happen.

Remember, when spirits appear in busy times, it is because they see something that you are not aware of. Sometimes, it is necessary to remain totally silent, for a minute or two, and listen to the messages of spirit. They are there to guide and protect you.

Q= I need help. Someone has placed a curse on me. What can I do? I know the person.

A= What makes you so sure that the person has placed a curse on you? What are the facts? It is important to remember that, at times, our minds can play tricks on us. We assume that others are doing black magic; when, in fact, the reality is completely different. We tend to forget that in order to learn and grow spiritually, we need to experience the good and bad that this earthly plane has to afford. It is part of the process. It is why we are here. When experiencing bad times, our faith in God should be stronger than ever.

On the other hand, if your situation is caused by black magic, what do you do? Look above towards the heavens. And, you will find the answer-GOD. HE is the cure to your problem.

Psalm 23 assures us that we are not alone. “The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want…Even though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for HE is by my side.”

GOD will never abandon his children. However, we need to reach out to HIM.

It is important to allow GOD to remove you from the darkness and direct you into the light.

Remove all thoughts that others are doing you harm, for these thoughts are only causing harm to the body, mind and spirit.

Remember, GOD sees all.

Prayer is the key. Connect yourself with GOD and allow HIM to show you the way.

Read the page on Brujeria/Black Magic and see how in non-cases and cases of black magic GOD played a vital role in leading the person into the road to recovery.

If, in fact, no one is doing black magic on you, you are guilty of accusing someone falsely. This is not a good thing.

If someone is doing black magic on you, pray to GOD for the forgiveness of this person. It is obvious that such individuals are in total darkness and living an unhappy life. Whatever evil one does to another will return to the person tenfold.

Lastly, do good and never do harm to anyone. Maintain your heart pure. For at the end, you will triumph.

Q= I am not sure what is happening to me. I found your site while searching for answers. For the past 13 days, spirit has been communicating with me. It occurs everyday, all day and even when I sleep. The contact is as real as the iPad I am using. I need answers.

For the past 13 days, my body, hands, legs, and head have been moving as if controlled by someone other than myself. I keep writing symbols, which I do not understand. A spiral, which they say means mother and mother is God; an upside-down triangle with a lightning bolt and a crown inside telling me I am the bridge.

During these communications, I am in a trance-like state, but aware of what is happening. The energy tells me it is not a guide or an angel. The energy says it is here to help me to connect with mother and everyone. In addition, it says it has no answers. Mother knows all. It takes me to the Sun and opens my arms to bask in it.

I have never believed in such things. I guess I am going crazy, but it is real and trying to communicate everyday. It is an exhausting guessing game. It tells me that all the answers I am searching for are all inside of me because Mother is inside. Furthermore, it tells me there is no heaven or hell, just beings that exist in the light of mother. Man creates evil.

I have not been sleeping normally. I find myself traveling as if I am in other people’s dreams. I am a normal person, but I do not understand what is happening to me.

Q= Did anything happened to you 13 days ago before experiencing spiritual activities?

I have been bored with my business and trying to think of different ideas. Some weeks back or months, I had watched a program on the history channel. It was about extraordinary men like Albert Einstein. They talked about how the ancient Hindus believed in an invisible river of information. I don’t recall the exact name. The story line was that Einstein, as well as others may have tapped into this river of information.

So, on the 12th, while my wife was taking a nap and the house was extremely quiet, I decided to meditate. I wanted to clear my mind and see if any grand business ideas would pop up. Since, it was my first time meditating and had no clue as to the correct procedure, my mind never got cleared. Suddenly, I started thinking about the show, and asked God to tell me what I should do. I waited a few minutes, but nothing happened.

Since nothing occurred, I went onto another brainstorming idea. I decided to write down the first words that came to my mind. I wrote approximately 30 plus words. After writing the words, I looked at the words and wondered the significance of each word. Then, I felt a gentle tug on my left hand- my writing hand. When I decided to give into the energy, my hand started writing the words wild flower. 

The next day, I began to feel the same energy. Once again, my hand began to move automatically. I drew an arrow, a triangle with a stick person inside, and wrote the words moon and believe. I began bugging out. My hand continued to produce forms on paper. At first, it was scribbles, then two triangles- one inside the other.

When I asked if someone was present in the room, my hand began to scribble back and forth. I asked if that was a yes, and it did it again. I sat for 4 hrs. talking and writing. When I asked how this was possible, my hand began to draw a spiral and said that it represented Mother, and Mother was God creator of all. It said it could not answer anything because Mother knew all. I then asked where Mother was, and it pointed towards my stomach where my notebook was. My hand began to draw an upside-down triangle.  Inside the triangle was a zigzag or lightning bolt figure with crown on top. I began to freak out. That night, I could not sleep. The entire incident was crazy.

The next day, I called my doctor to make an appointment to see a mental health practitioner. The earliest appointment was in two months. 

After the call, I left the house and headed to work. While driving, I began speaking to God. I wanted to know if it was God who was contacting me, and would He give me a sign. Furthermore, I asked for Him to make my phone ring today, bring me some work and someone new into my life who would understand what was happening to me. 

Before I got to work, my phone started ringing. It was a man who said that someone had given him my card. In addition, he needed some work done. It was weird. I had gotten my first request within 20 minutes. At first, I thought it was a coincidence.

Soon afterward, I received another call. It was a childhood friend, I had not seen in 15 years. She said that she had been talking to a friend about me. Her friend, who is a psychic, suggested I come over to her house tonight. I agreed to drop by.

By now, I was blown away. My second request had been granted.

When I told my wife, who a non-believer, she thought I had gone crazy.

I met my friend; and we went to meet her psychic friend. When we got there, I began telling her what had been happening to me. She pulled out some metal rods and told me that they were used to find energy as well as water. I felt it was not necessary since the energy was right there. She began moving around me and explaining the procedure. I asked if I could try. When I did, the rods began spinning wildly in different directions. When I mentally ordered them to stop, they stopped spinning. I kept ordering them to stop and spin until I finally stopped. The woman was amazed for she had never witness anything like that before. I begged her to tell me what was going on. She replied that the spirit that around me was very strong. At that point, I got the urge to write.

My hand wrote, ‘say mommy I love you.’ The woman, who by now is a bit distressed and confused, asked if it was her guide. No, was the replied. ‘Why are you here…are you here to tell me something?’ the woman asked. Once again, the replied was no, and I love you, mommy. By now, the woman had started crying. She said, ‘Are you my baby that I lost when I was 15 years old?’ The answer was no and that her baby’s spirit was okay. ‘Where did I first see you?’ the woman asked. ‘The toilet,’ it replied. Again, the woman started crying. It told her not to blame others for the separation. It was not the time for them to be together.

The woman revealed that when she was 15 years old and pregnant, some individuals jumped her. She lost her baby in the toilet, and ever since had blamed those individuals. She had been battling the issue for 15 years.

Now, the energy is around me all the time. It keeps insisting that it had no information. Only Mother has. When I ask what does Mother want? It draws symbols, which I don’t understand. It wants me to tell these non-traditional stories about our souls already exist in the spirit world, and how everyone is connected. We are connected with our soul here on earth and live in the light of God right now. No loved ones that are gone are gone. They are in the same place where souls are. Heaven is not a place. It is an idea. We have the ability to live at 2 places at the same time. Here we possess minds, bodies and spirits. In the other world, no body is required.

It is so confusing. Thank you for allowing me to share. Since I know the taboo that surrounds this subject, I am not sure what to do or who to share it with. All I know is that it is real.

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