What is a Spirit Guide ?
 Batolo Speaks

What is a Spirit Guide ?

Batolo Speaks

Many know me as Batolo. Later, I will discuss in full detail how I became a spirit guide and what it means to be one.

First, let me commence my story with a few details of my last incarnation. It took place many years ago. It was so long ago that the simple concept of an airplane was unknown to those of my time.

I was born in the land now known as Africa. I lived with my relatives and tribe members in the mountains. The trees and creatures of the woods were my first friends.

I was very young when I was taught to love and respect all living things. My grandfather used to say it was God’s creation and a gift to us.

My grandfather and father were healers. They possessed spiritual secrets unknown to the ordinary man. Conjuring up earth spirits was not an extraordinary event; it was part of our everyday life.

Apart from learning the various aspects of survival, the secrets or mysteries of the spirit world were a paramount part of my schooling. Although I was not a rich man in terms of material wealth, or possessed a scholarly education, I was blessed with an abundance of spiritual richness and comprehension.

I became a healer at an extremely young age. My paternal grandfather performed my initiation. People from other villages would travel to our village to attain healing. My entire life was devoted to doing God’s work.

I lived to be an old man. In my last moments on earth, loving faces surrounded me.

When I stepped out of my old and tired body, long gone relatives and spirit guides were waiting for me. We traveled to a high mountaintop in the heavens or spirit realm. There, I entered a purification center. This is where the soul is purged of all remaining residues from recent life on earth.

I do not know how long I was there, since time as you know it, does not exist in the spirit world.

When the process was completed, I was reunited with my relatives and friends. After a while, I received a notification. I was selected to undergo training.

It seemed that my demeanor during my last incarnation made me eligible for spirit guide training. My openness, willingness and acceptance of spirits during my earth stay helped my soul to acquire a higher level of spiritual enlightenment.

My training was profound. I was one of many in training. When the training was completed, we were assigned to different groups. One senior was appointed to each group. The senior’s job is to drop off novice spirit guides to their destination.

Upon arrival to the earth realm, I was taken to a hospital. A mother was about to give birth. As l looked around, I saw many spirits surrounding the mother and child. They were spirit guides and relatives of the mother and child.

My assignment was to be one of the spirit guides of the newborn child. It was the beginning of an engaging and tremendous process.

In addition to spirits of light, there were also impure spirits. These spirits are earth bound entities that remain attached to the earth realm. Many of these lost souls inhabit the earth plane without any real purpose. Others refuse to leave because they feel they have unfinished business to attend to.

These spirits were kept at a distance by a powerful protective shield created by spirits of light for the sole protection of the mother and child.

Throughout the child’s growing years, I stayed vigilant of everything that was happening. My training was non-stop. I was learning more and more.

Although there were a number of spirit guides assigned to the child, there was one principal guide. This guide was above all of us and had a history with the incarnate spirit of the child.

During her childhood years, several successful communication attempts were made with the child. Sometimes she would cry while other times she remained calm. It was during the nighttime when all the lights were turned off, and spirit would manifest in front of her that she would commence to cry in an uncontrollable manner.

Communication between children and spirits is much easier. The reason is that children’s thoughts are still innocent and not contaminated.

She was very young when she began receiving spiritual energy. When she began incorporating spirit energy, I continued to remain in the background. My role was to contribute, along with others, spiritual energy whenever it was needed.

Whenever spiritual work was performed, we would come together in order to create a powerful energy force. The energy force was necessary for the protection of the medium as well as the recipient from negative forces. Although one spirit was allowed to incorporate the body at a time, it was the energy of many spirits of light that produced the results.

So, whenever you see a medium working with one spirit guide remember that the spirit guide is part of a larger group working together for the betterment of the person.

Then, one day, I was given permission to connect with the body. “May Olofi be here. May God’s peace be here…My name is Batolo,” was the opening message. The girl, who was now a young woman, was in a semi-conscious state.

A semi-conscious state means that the medium is somewhat aware of what is happening, but cannot control the situation. She is like the person listening to someone else’s conversation without being able to give her opinion. On many occasions, the medium remembers very little of the interaction.

The more my energy connected to her energy, the easier it became. The spiritual cord that connected us was getting stronger. She became the mouthpiece in which my words came out.

At first, the communication was a bit fuzzy. In fact, it still is. However, it is improving.

Presently, I am still linked to the medium. I enjoy communicating with my incarnate brothers and sisters, and working with other spirit guides to help humans connect with God.

My role is to bring joy and laughter to people while helping them see the true essence of their lives.

So much sadness and depression roam the atmosphere that people have forgotten that life is a gift from God to be appreciated and enjoyed. Some have even forgotten how to smile or laugh.

In order for us to alleviate some of the pain and misery of the world, and lead God’s children to the light, a working medium is needed. The medium is the vehicle we utilize to accomplish our goal.

Yes, there is a difference between spirit guides of an active medium and spirit guides of a non-active medium. Spirit guides of an active medium are responsible for protecting and guiding the medium as well as others searching for spiritual assistance. They tend to assist people with the many complexities of everyday living, and the understanding of his or her life mission. The purpose of spirit guides of a non-active medium is to guide and protect the person assigned to them.

Some individuals want to know if I am an old man. The answer is quite simple. I am neither old nor young. I am energy. I present myself as an old African man because it was my last incarnation where I reached a higher level of spiritual enlightenment. Sometimes, I present myself as a young African man. It does not make a difference.

We tend to present ourselves in human form for the benefit of the visual medium. It makes it easier for the medium to distinguish who is who. For other kinds of mediumship, other means are used.

I leave you with a simple message. Remember never to do harm to yourself as well as others. The harm you do or negative thoughts you send out to others will return to you tenfold. Respect God, yourself and others.

Remember that negative emotions are part of your learning process. Learn from them and let them go. A person who holds on to negative emotions is a prisoner unable to move forward. Cleanse the body and mind, and allow the soul to grow.

Become the wind that blows the sand; not the sand that waits for the wind to produce some form of change.

May the peace of God/Olofi be with you.

This is not the end of Batolo. It is just the beginning.

NOTE; Some people have mentioned that Batolo is spelled Bartolo. The spelling of Batolo, without the r, is what was given to me. 

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