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Spiritual Master -Jesus Christ

My Awareness of Jesus Christ

I was approximately four or five years old when I was deeply aware of Jesus the Good Shepherd.

My mother, a faithful devotee of Jesus, taught my brother and me the true meaning of Jesus’ greatness.

As far back as I can remember, a medium-sized picture of Jesus Christ (picture above) was always hanging from the wall in my mother’s bedroom. The picture was a gift from my grandmother. I remember seeing my mother sit in front of the image in what appears to be a hypnotic state. Whenever I asked if she was okay, she would smile and say, "I'm fine; I was praying."

As a young child, I recall contemplating my mother's picture of Jesus Christ and talking to Him as if He was a family member. At such an early age, when children were oblivious to spiritual matters, spiritual things intrigued me.

Picture of Lord Jesus Christ

As I got older, I moved away from the church and gravitated toward a spiritual path more conducive to my thinking.

I am not saying that Catholicism or any organized religion is ungodly. On the contrary, I believe the foundation of all religions is good. It is the religious fanatics who distort the true meaning and beauty of religion. They alter things for their own benefit or cause and obliterate the true essence of God's teachings. They preach about God, but their hearts are empty or full of hate.

Since I had established, at a young age, a strong spiritual foundation, the demeanor of the nuns and priests did not shatter my faith in God. He remained a loving, forgiving and compassionate God.


My mother taught my brother and I the value of prayer.

Through prayer, I have been able to communicate with God-the father, Jesus of Nazareth and other spiritual beings.

The Catholic Church

Although I was raised a Catholic, it was the teachings of Spiritism that helped me to redefine and establish the core of my belief system. The concepts of life after death, spirit communication, reincarnation, and so on were and continue to be the principal factors of my spiritual ideology.

My childhood experience with organized religion was not very meaningful. The nuns and priests, at that time, were exceedingly unforgiving. Misbehaving, according to their strict guidelines, meant you were destined to burn in hell for all eternity. You automatically got a one-way ticket. They were keen manipulators and tormentors. Their God was very vengeful and mean-spirited hiding in dark corners waiting for you to do wrong. Their God was neither loving nor compassionate.

Jesus Christ

Jesus ChristJesus Christ

Jesus taught, "Love one another as I have loved you." Jesus Christ's teachings were about love.

I do not fear Him. I love Him.

I do not need someone to help me find God. I know where He is. He resides in my heart.

Finding My Spiritual Path

Throughout the years, I have traveled around the world and been exposed to different beliefs and divine figures. Even though I am a faithful believer of some, whenever I am in need, I reach out to Jesus first. He was my first divine spiritual master, and will always be the first in my heart.

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Spiritual Comment

This is a written comment from a woman named Judy. It is about one of many experiences she has had with Jesus Christ, her divine spiritual master and teacher.

"This is a spiritual encounter I had with my divine spiritual master, Jesus. I've had several over the years, all beautiful... but this one had a surprising element in it that is very relevant to my spirituality.

I started out walking in a beautiful pine forest, soaring pines overhead, the smell of pine very heavy in the warm air. Sunlight slanted down from the pine boughs overhead, and the ground was soft and spongy with pine needles, as I looked down at my feet. It was beautiful. I was aware of myself sitting in my chair, but also of being completely in this wooded environment. Eventually I came out into a field of very green grass, blue sky overhead and sunshine. A good ways away in the field I saw Jesus and he was working with something with his hands. I knew he was known as a "carpenter," but as I got nearer, I was surprised to see that he was carving wood. It was a full sized deer. He was carving the antlers, for it was a buck. I approached him and he stopped and looked at me. Think of all the things I could ask him! Yet, what came out of my mouth even I don't really understand. I asked him "don't you want people to know the truth about you?" and he said "They already do." Everyone has the truth inside of them, it is the Eternal Truth." That satisfied me as an answer, even though now I puzzle over what that means. I then looked at his face, and his hands and I said "I've always wanted to be with you." and he looked at me with such love and put his hand on the side of my face and said "You have, my child. You have always been with me." and then, even though I wanted to ask more, to be with him, the vision started to fade, and I found myself moving "backwards" until I was back in my own consciousness in my chair.

It is because of visions like this that I KNOW I am on the right path. That knowing the Divine as both feminine and masculine, that revering and knowing Jesus Christ as my divine spiritual master and teacher, is right for me."


I dedicate this page to my mother for being a marvelous person and introducing me to Jesus Christ.

Thank you for showing me the path to spiritual enlightenment and being my inspiration. I will never forget you.


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