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Looking at Past Lives to Understand Your Current Lifetime

Have you ever found yourself searching for answers to a problem that was irresolvable? Perhaps, the answers to the problem are hidden in one of your past lives. If this is the case, stop looking at the present for answers. Instead, look to the past- a time long ago, but not forgotten.

Do past lives exist? I believe it does. Since childhood, I was always searching for answers to an inexplicable inner feeling I had. Although I was living in this world, I felt I was part of another world- a world of long ago. My search took me to a land on the other side of the world- Egypt. While there, I found myself desperately searching for answers, only to find more confusion.

It was during my second trip to Egypt that I found some solace. It was a far away voice saying, "you are connected to the Egypt of the past, not of the present," that unlocked the door to my inner soul. Although it was not a full explanation, it was enough for me. It provided me with much gratification and inner peace.

It was several months later, while attending a spiritual gathering, all the whys to my questions were answered. My search had finally come to a halt. I had been liberated. The past was no longer interfering with the present. I had made the connections between the present and the past, and understood the immense impact it had on my present life.

Past Life Regression Experience

Many years ago, a dear friend of mine told me a captivating story. It was a story in which past and present lives intertwined.

Since childhood, my friend had experienced many physical ailments. She suffered from physical debilitation and depression. Even though she had no visible physical deformity, she felt as if one leg was shorter than the other causing her to walk, at times, with a slight limp. Another problem she experienced was with verbal communication. She would find it difficult to express herself. Although mentally she knew what she wanted to say, the words appeared to be stuck or unwilling to come out causing her to stammer. Medical tests showed no abnormality or explanation for physical condition(s). Due to all the above-mentioned, she began slowly detaching herself from all those around her.

Her childhood appeared to be quite normal. She had loving parents who were more than willing to do anything to make her well. The youngest of three children, her siblings always treated her with much love. From everything she related about her childhood, there appeared to be no concrete reason for her depression and physical state.

After several medical tests and consultations with doctors, no one was able to give her parents an adequate explanation as to the direct cause of her physical debilitation and state of mind. Feeling that her problem was psychological, she was referred to a clinical psychologist. A battery of psychology tests was administered, which demonstrated no psychological anomaly.

During her college years, she began to develop an interest in hypnosis. She had read about the many benefits of hypnosis, and wondered if it could help her in some way. She decided to visit a hypnotist, who was also a psychotherapist. The first two sessions were exceedingly relaxing, but of no great significance. She did not witness any changes in her behavior. Although she was ready to call it quits, she decided to go for one more session. It was on the third session that she witnessed a breakthrough.

The following is an account of the session given by my friend.

“The session begins as the previous sessions- relaxing and letting go. During the relaxing and letting go, I begin to drift more and more. Nothing at this point matters. Suddenly, I am in a dark tunnel. There is no one around. I start walking forward, or is it backwards. I don’t remember. I reach the end of the tunnel and walk out.

As I look around, I see that I am in the middle of a remote area. It seems to be an African village. There are several huts. I look at my body, and notice that I am in the body of a naked child. I am a little girl sitting outside a hut. A woman comes out of the hut and takes me inside. She appears to be my mother. She gives me a prepared herbal concoction. She waits for me to drink it all. The scene fades away, and another scene begins to appear.

Now, I am in the body of a much older child. I am the same child as before, but much older. My body is deformed with one leg shorter than the other. I walk with a limp. Although my hearing is okay, I am unable to speak. There is much sadness inside of me. Due to my deformity and lack of speech, I am considered bad luck. I am not loved.

I have an older sister who treats me with contempt. She mocks and makes funny of me in front of others. She enjoys it.

The scene changes, once again. I am a bit older now. A marriage has been arranged for me. I am happy. My father has given livestock to my soon to be husband.

I move into my husband’s hut. I am hoping that things will be different. Instead, my life is worse than before. I have no family or friends. I am alone in the world.

My husband is detached and uncaring. He sees me as an object and not a person. Sex is meaningless.

I have three sons. As soon as they reach a certain age, they begin to separate from me. They pass by me as if I do not exist. I am all alone.

The scene changes. I am an old woman. My body is frail and worn out. My husband is no longer around, and my sons have gone away, never to be seen again. I have been alone for many years. Unable to do for myself, some of the villagers leave food on the outside entrance of the hut. They never come in.

I am extremely tired. I am resting and going into a deep sleep. I see my spirit leaving my body. My spirit lingers on. Villagers begin to worry when they see that the food outside my hut has not been touched. They walk in and discover my lifeless body. My body is removed and burned. A short ritual is performed to guide my spirit into the spirit realm. My spirit begins to fade away."

End of the session.

"When I came out of the trance, my face was wet with tears. I felt immense joy and sadness at the same time. Furthermore, there was a strange sensation of lightness all over my body. The experience was awesome.”

After a month or so, my friend began to see changes in her person. The sensation of feeling one leg shorter than the other vanished. So, did the limp. As for her speech impediment, it also disappeared. The transformation was unbelievable. Her self-confidence soared. She no longer shied away from social gatherings; rather, she looked forward to them. Her health issues and depression disappeared. She had become a new person.

She continued to work through her past life issues using hypnosis. In addition to resolving past life issues, she discovered an assortment of inner talents.

Past Life Regression

My Personal Experience


Recently, a woman did a past life regression on me. The following is a summary of my experience.

In my first regression, I find myself in a land of long ago. I am in an arena being attacked by a ferocious lion. I have been sentenced to death because of my religious beliefs. There is a large crowd cheering. As my body loses life, they continue to cheer loudly. Below is a picture of what I saw.

Past Life

In my second past life, I travel to Ancient Egypt. I am in the body of a young Egyptian priest, a humble servant of the Goddess Hathor. Alone in a temple praying to Goddess Hathor, an unknown person silently enters the temple. The person grabs me from behind. I cannot see the person whose hands are around my neck. He presses harder and harder until my body becomes lifeless. I fall and hit my head on the ground. Blood begins to pour out of my head. I have been murdered.

Past Life

Although I am still processing the information, I see certain connection between the past and present. The connections are assisting me in understanding present day issues. These issues range from my strong spiritual beliefs to throat discomfort.




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