Orisha Oshun

 Orisha Oshun
The Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Sensuality


Prayers to Oshun


Orisha Oshun

Oh, glorious oshun! You who are my guide every day, I thank you for always being there for me and taking care of my family.

I will always ask you for health, abundance, stability, love, and strength, help me, you who are always with me as my protective guide.

I implore you to remove difficulties from my path and open them by bringing abundance, peace, and tranquility to my soul, pour out your prosperity in my family so that they never suffer or be in need.

Blessed mother, walk with me  always illuminate my path, so be it, mother.





Your goodness makes you great, your golden light illuminates your beautiful image, you are a mother, you protect your children from any evil and do not allow abuse to your women.

You are beautiful, seductive, very feminine, you fill the souls of your believers with light and you carry out your decisions.

You are great and I will always thank you for your presence and your wisdom.

Oh mighty! you are big, you are perfect and beautiful.

May your will always be correct and I will understand why you do it.


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Oh, powerful Oshun, I come before you with an open heart full of love and admiration.

Dear Goddess of Sweet Waters, please graciously extend your healing powers to me in this moment of need.

Allow harmony and vitality to course through my veins as I give thanks for your abundance and grace.

Your sweet music and gentle river waters wash away pain and suffering so that I may be renewed in health and well-being again.

Thank you, great Oshun!

By: Editorial Team


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The Goddess 

oshun goddessOrisha Oshun with Mirror

In the Yoruba religion, Goddess Oshun is also known as Osun and Ochun.

Many devotees refer to her as the blessed mother, beautiful mother, or protective mother.

Although she is the youngest of the orishas, she is among the most beloved, respected, popular and powerful orisha.

She is the younger sister of Yemaya, friend of Elegua, and wife of Shango.

She is the Goddess of fresh waters, such as rivers, streams, and springs. Her energy attracts love, joy, and prosperity. In addition, she symbolizes beauty, femininity, and fertility. She possesses great power.

She is sometimes compared to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, lust, pleasure, passion, beauty, and sensuality. However, Oshun is considered to be much more powerful.

Also, she is known for her flirtatious nature and vanity. 

To her devotees, she is a protective mother who watches over them and gives them good fortune and renewed life. She is an enormous and powerful mother.

Mother Oshun prevents evil spirits from touching those she protects. She will bless you and guide you into the divine light. 

However, human beings need to be careful not to anger the powerful Oshun, as her followers greatly fear her wrath.

Although primarily joyful and loving, she can be dangerous and unforgiving when upset. 

Written information on Orisha Oshun indicates when she arrives crying, it is a good sign, for they are tears of joy.

However, if she arrives laughing beware, for it is a sign she is extremely angry/displeased.

In the book Santeria- The Religion, Gonzalez-Wippler wrote about a situation in which Oshun's fury was unstoppable. 

During a spiritual gathering/ceremony for Oshun santeria goddess, a man channeled her energy. He began dancing around the group. He took on Oshun's complete persona.

As the person, possessed by Oshun, danced, a man from the group called him a homosexual and slapped the man's butt.

Everyone in the room remained still, not believing what they had witnessed.

The man, still possessed, stopped and turned to the man. After staring at him for a long time, she said, "Five days"- five being her number.

Five days later, both men died of abdominal complications. Interestingly, Both men were buried on the same day.

 Oshun's Many Attributes

oshunfanwaterfallOshun Orisha- Beloved Goddess

She loves looking at herself in the mirror and has a passion for perfumes and pretty clothes. She enjoys dancing and having a good time.

Oshun's favorite things include gold, copper, mirrors, fans, peacock feathers, and a tortoiseshell comb.

Devotees give her offerings of honey cakes, oranges, honey, pumpkins and yellow candles.

Honey offered to her must be tasted first due to a legend of someone attempting to poison her with honey.

Her feast day falls on September 8, and her associated color is yellow. Her day of the week is Saturday, and her associated number is five.

Oshun and Shango
The Union of Two Great Orishas

changooshunbwOshun orisha and Shango

Beautiful Oshun had many lovers. However, her greatest love was Shango. She was the second wife of Shango. 

She met Shango at a festival and fell madly in love with him.

Chango was busy dancing and playing his drum and did not notice her. Wanting for him to see her, she tricked him by placing honey on his lips. Immediately, he was bewitched by her. Soon afterward, they became lovers.

Although Shango was already married, Oshun desired him for herself. She manipulated his wife, Oba, into doing something that infuriated Shango which resulted in the abandonment of Oba.

Oshun is known to get what she wants.

Oshun, The Healer

Oshun is a deity known for healing. She helps those wanting to get pregnant or have a difficult pregnancy. Many women unable to bear children pray to Oshun in the hope of conceiving. 

Also, she aids those suffering from abdominal issues. However, you need faith. Without faith everything is useless. 

She is believed to have unlimited powers. 

Oshun-Protector of Women

bothoshunOshun orisha

Oshun is a protector of women. She will not tolerate any physical or emotional abuse to her daughters.

Those who dare to mistreat her daughters are severely punished. 

Hija de Oshun/Daughter of Oshun

daughter of oshunDaughter/Hija of Oshun

Ms. M once faced financial struggles and risked losing her apartment after losing her job. She had no one to turn to for help.

A friend recommended a man known for his spiritual powers. Although Ms. M was willing to try anything, she couldn't afford the spiritual consultation fee since he offered no pay-as-you-go plan.

Her situation was rapidly deteriorating, with no solution in sight. She fell asleep crying and praying.

That night, she dreamt of a beautiful black woman who introduced herself as Oshun and beckoned her to follow. The woman walked into a waterfall, and the dream ended. When she woke up, she was left wondering what it all meant.

She remembered the name Oshun and repeated it to herself to remember it.

She quickly took out her phone, went online, and searched for information about Oshun. Surprisingly, she found numerous articles about Oshun, including details about her likes, dislikes, and offerings.

Since she lacked much money, she offered Oshun a yellow candle, a small dish of honey, and a heartfelt prayer. It was the only thing she could offer.

She offered it to Oshun and asked for her deepest desire- to attain a job.

Two weeks later, she received a call from a friend. She wanted to know if she wanted a job cleaning offices. The woman who had the job quit and moved back to her country.

Without any hesitation, she said yes. From that day, things began to open up for her.

She decided to go back to school. She applied and was accepted into a nursing program. She always wanted to become a nurse. She worked hard at night and attended college during the day.

After a few years, she graduated and started working in a hospital. She continued her education and became a nurse practitioner.

Eventually, she got involved in the Santeria community and became a Santera.

The first time she visited a Babalawo (high priest in the santeria religion), he immediately looked at her and said, "Oshun is calling you." Hearing Oshun's name, she smiled and told the babalawo, "I know...Oshun, I am here."

It has been numerous years since she was initiated (making santo) in the santeria religion and became the daughter of Oshun

She always remembered the dream she had many years ago. She loves sharing her story about her first encounter with her Mother Oshun. She tells it with much love. She ends her story by saying, "Oshun is my Mother, my guardian angel, my friend, and my beloved Queen. She is my everything." 

She has placed her body and soul in Oshun's hands.

If Oshun is calling you, listen. She is ready to grant you your deepest desire.

May the power of Oshun guide and protect you and your family now and always.

May you path be full of light, health and wisdom. 

Blessings to all.


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