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Yemaya -Queen of the OceanYemaya Orisha

Let us Pray

Yemaya Orisha Prayer

As I stare at your picture, I feel the warmth and love of a mother. I know you are near protecting and guiding your children. I lower my head in respect and admiration; I ask you for your blessings. May God permit you to cleanse my body and soul with your sacred waters, and may your divine light shine upon my Earthly path.


Yemaya Prayer

Yemaya, Blessed Mother of the Seas, Let Your Sacred Waters wash over me. Mother, embrace me, Your humble child. Cleanse me, Nurture me, Sustain me.

Yemaya, Beautiful One.
You Who wears the Seven Skirts of the Seven Seas,
Swirl around me and create a flow of energy
that can wash away all bane.
Yemaya, Mistress of the Moon,
Shine Your light onto me,
And fill me with your magic.
Help me to accomplish my goals
Yemaya, Healing Ocean Mother
I ask You to fill me with Your Healing Energy
Let Your Cleansing Waters wash over me
Heal me with Your Regenerative Powers



Healing Prayer

Oh Divine Yemaya, "bring health and strength to those worthy to receive it. We hope, dear Lady, that we receive what we ask for in prayer through your intercession. Although we know that, because of our faults, we do not deserve what we ask for, we beg you nevertheless to answer our prayers. Amen."

Author Unknown

Prayer for Healing

 O Yemaya, I come before you to humbly ask for your healing power. My heart is heavy with the pain of illness, and my mind is clouded with worry and fatigue. Please guide me to a path of health and well-being. Offer me strength so I may be restored to vigor and live in peace. Give me comfort in times of hardship and deliverance when I am warding off sickness.

Your grace brings wisdom, love, joy, marvels, miracles – all that can make our lives richer; please extend it upon my suffering heart now, O Yemaya! Guide me toward peace on this difficult journey filled with challenges too hard to bear alone. Help me rediscover balance while restoring health into my soul so I may connect deeply with the life around me again.

By: Editorial Team

Who is Yemaya ?

pixyamaYemaya Mother Goddess

History tells us that during the transatlantic slave trade, enslaved Africans were stripped of everything, placed on slave ships, and brought to the New World- a land on the other side of the world. Although everything was taken away from the African slaves, the slave traders and owners could not take away their faith in their gods. With them came Yemaya and the other orishas.

Yemaya, also spelled Yemoja and Iemanja, is an Orisha in Santeria, Candomble, and Umbanda religions. Her historical roots come from Africa. She is the daughter of Obatala and sister to Oshun. Yemaya is the Mother Goddess of the Ocean known for being a nurturing mother figure and is considered the mother of all living things. The oceans are Yemaya's realm. As the Queen of the Sea, she shares her realm with another Orisha. Olokun rules the deepest parts of the ocean. Yemaya governs the surface realm where fish, plants, and other sea creatures reside. The two orishas work together to maintain harmony and balance.

Moreover, she is also the protector of women and children, making her one of the most respected and beloved of all the orishas.

Although Yemaya is loving and kind, beware of her wrath if you cross her. She is offended by anyone who displays a lack of proper respect toward her. She is loving but stern as well.

Devotees of Yemaya seek her blessings and pay tribute to her in personal matters, believing that her power knows no bounds.

In Brazil, a spiritual tradition takes place on New Year's Eve at Copacabana Beach. Worshippers gather to honor Yemayá by throwing white roses and boats of all sizes filled with flowers and gifts into the ocean. They hope for a prosperous year ahead. This event is attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

One of Yemaya's symbols is the moon. Many believe rituals done in her name during a full moon are powerful.

Yemaya is often depicted as a mermaid.


Luisah Teish, in her book Jambalaya, depicts the Goddess as a "large and beautiful woman…the mermaid, the full moon; and intelligence beyond human comprehension."

According to the book, Santeria The Religion A Legacy of Faith, Rites, and Magic by Migene Gonzalez-Wipper, Yemaya..." identified with the sea, but is also the symbol of motherhood and protects women in their endeavors."

Moreover, she is associated with the moon, seashells, and stones found by the seaside. Her main colors are blue and white or blue and crystal.

Her feast day is September 7, day of the week is Saturday, and number is seven.

Planets associated with Yemaya are full moon and Neptune.

She loves white flowers and her favorite foods are watermelon, sugar cane syrup, and cornmeal.

Additionally, Yemaya enjoys all things that come from the sea- marine life.

Yemaya and Our Lady of Regla


During the slave trade, enslaved Africans brought their religions to the New World. Even though they were forced to convert to Christianity, they continued to secretly practice their traditional beliefs by disguising their orishas as Catholic saints to avoid punishment.
Yemaya was eventually syncretized with Our Lady of Regla in Santeria due to their similarities. Our Lady of Regla is a representation of the Virgin Mary. It is a natural connection for her to identify with the Virgin Mary, as she is also seen as a maternal figure. Yemaya and Mary are known as protectors of their children and are associated with large bodies of water.

The Yemaya Myth 


Yemaya, daughter of Obatala, had a son with her brother Aganyu. His name was Orungan. Story says that when Orungan was a teenager he brutally raped his mother, Yemaya. On his second attempt, Yemaya escaped and ran into the wilderness. Feeling a sense of despair and sadness, she continued to run until she could not longer run and fell to the ground. Suddenly, streams of water began to gush from her breasts,  causing the great flood that inundated the world. In addition, she gave birth to numerous powerful orishas. 

Yemaya Goddess of the Sea

yemaya mermaid

Migene Gonzalez-Wipper, in one of her books, conveys a fascinating anecdote of a woman and her steadfast belief in Yemaya.

The woman's young son had died while swimming in strong and dangerous undercurrents near the coast of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The police rescue team and lifeguards searched for the body, but to no avail. Although the search had been called off, the mother was determined to find her dead son's body. The police felt the search was useless since they believed, "...the powerful undercurrents in these water had driven the body toward the ocean floor..." Nevertheless, the mother pleaded for one last search.

After much pleading from the mother, the police decided to grant her last wish. When they were far out to sea, she instructed the officers to stop the boat. She kneeled and began to pray. With tears rolling down her face, she supplicated to the Great Mother Iemanja for the return of her son's body. Then, she took out four white candles from her bag and threw them overboard. According to Migene Gonzalez-Wipper, "...few minutes later, the rescue squad...watched, aghast, as the boy's body surfaced at the same spot where the candles had sunk into the water."

For those who believe, everything is possible.

Nothing in life is impossible if your faith is strong and you truly believe. Miracles do happen every day.

You can attain further information on the mysteries of Santeria by reading Migene Gonzalez-Wipper's books. I highly recommend them.

Yemaya in My Dream

Many years ago, I had another riveting and unforgettable spirit dream. I dreamt of being alone on a beach, staring at the horizon. The ocean was serene. From a distance, a small luminous object appeared. It began moving slowly towards me. As it continued to get closer, I could see the image of Jesus Christ. Unexpectedly, the image transformed into a lovely woman. She had long, silky black hair. Her dress was white and long, and the top of her head was embellished with a large glowing star. Her arms were extended with the hands in a semi-closed fist as if holding some object. As the woman continued to approach me, I heard a voice say, "Yemaya." Additionally, the voice instructed me to wear a necklace made of blue and crystal beads. By the end of the message, I woke up.

Coming of Yemaya

I once attended an Umbanda ceremony where Yemaya came through one of her daughters.

One woman began dancing around in a circular motion. She removed her headdress and let her long hair loose to hang down her back. There was something majestic about her demeanor.

It was Yemaya. The energy of Yemaya had arrived and was now in the young woman's body.

She was given water, which she sprinkled around us. Since it was hot in the room, the water felt refreshing.

While she danced and blessed us with water, I felt the hairs on my neck and arms stand up. Suddenly, I felt a surge of energy flow through my body. It seemed as though Yemaya's energy had revitalized everyone in the room as she continued to dance and the drummers played their drums. There was much joy and smiles in the room. 

When Yemaya departed, the session ended, but her energy lingered in the air. Despite the late hour, I was not tired.

Yemaya, the Mother of all, had blessed us with her presence.

It was an unforgivable experience.

Is Yemaya Calling You ?

Do you feel a strong connection to the sea? How do you feel when you visit the beach? Do you experience a profound sense of inner peace? Do you like the color blue? How do you react to a picture of Yemaya? If your responses are positive, Orisha Yemaya may be calling to you.

Recognizing a Yemaya's Children

"Yemaya's children tend to be strong-willed, independent women who know what they want and how to get it." 

They show genuine concern for others and are open-minded. While they may have a fiery temper, they basically tend to remain level-headed and composed in most situations.

They are individuals who are dedicated to their children and take the role of mother seriously. 

However, they find it challenging to form friendships and tend to test the loyalty of potential friends.

They do not tolerate disrespect and although they are forgiving, they have a tendency to hold grudges.

Offering to Yemaya

I woke up early one day and began my morning routine by taking a shower.

While showering, I unexpectedly heard the Yemaya song in my mind. It goes like this: "Ay mia Yemayá, quítame lo malo, quítame lo malo y tíralo en el mar." (Oh my Yemaya, take away from me the bad, take away from me the bad and throw it in the sea). I hadn't heard that song in years, but I found myself repeating the words after stepping out of the shower.

Afterwards, I felt a strong urge to give an offering to Yemaya, although I wasn't sure why. Since I always keep ocean water in my home for special cleansing, I used some of the water to purify my home and poured some over my head.

Then, I prepared an offering to Yemaya. The offering consisted of a clear bowl filled with ocean water and some seashells inside. I placed the bowl  near the window.

Throughout the ritual, I danced and kept singing the song. When I finished, I was left wondering what had just happened.

That evening, I received a text message from someone I had been avoiding. I responded and inquired about the purpose of the text.

She appeared agitated that I hadn't answered her phone calls. It became clear to me that this person was self-centered and craved much attention.

I expressed my thoughts regarding her constant need for attention and disregard for other people's issues.

This did not sit well with her, and she ended our so-called friendship.

It crossed my mind whether Yemaya had removed the negative energy from me that was unhealthy and exhausting.

Yemaya Pray for all the Children of GOD

Yemaya -The GoodessYemaya- Mother of Water

May God's blessings be upon us all during these trying times.

As I pray to Yemaya, the Mother Goddess, I ask for her strength and guidance to help us remain united and eliminate any negativity within us.

May she cleanse us and the world with her powerful water, bringing peace and harmony to all living beings.

May her divine energy of love extend to my loved ones, those who do not care for me, and even those who may not know me.

Let us strive towards a better world together.



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