Is Astral Projection Real ?

 Is Astral Projection Real?
Decide for yourself

astral travelingIs astral projection real?


Astral projection, also known as astral travel, is a term used when referring to an out of body experience.

According to, astral travel is, "the act of separating the astral body (spirit or consciousness) from the physical body and its journey into the universe."

Wikipedia defines astral journey as an out-of-body experience in which the astral body (intermediate between the intelligent soul and the physical body), detaches from the physical body and travels outside it......

Ancient Times

Astral projection or out of body experience is a topic that has a wealth of information dating back to ancient times.

The soul, which the Egyptians called the Ba, was believed to be able to separate from the physical body and travel to other dimensions during sleep.

According to Ancient Egyptian texts, the Ba could also continue to exist beyond death and travel to the afterlife.

Their representation of the Ba was a bird with wings and a human head. 

In ancient Greece, the belief in the soul's existence and its survival after death was widespread. They believed in the separation of the soul from the physical body. 

Greek philosophers wrote that the soul could leave the body in certain circumstances and connect with the spirit realm through dreams, meditation, or ecstatic states induced by music, dance, and rituals.

Connecting to the Divine and exploring the mysteries of the spirit realm through astral projection was common in many cultures in ancient civilizations.

Two common themes of astral projection or out of body experience is the stepping out of the physical body and traveling to other places or dimensions.

Note: Some of the information was taken from › origins-astral-projection.

Case 1

Ms. L

“These experiences commenced when I was an adolescent. I was neither awake nor asleep.

"I was in an in-between stage. I would step out of my physical body and drift.

"I should rephrase that. My soul would step out of my physical body and drift. My physical body would remain motionless and at rest.

"There was always a thin, transparent cord present. The cord connected the soul to the physical body. In addition to being transparent, the cord was long and strong. As I traveled to faraway places, the cord remained intact.

"My travels were not confined to places here on Earth. I would travel to other dimensions or planets where I met my spirit guides, chatted with family members and friends long gone. The experiences were incredible.

"My first experience was extremely scary. I did not know what was happening to me. I actually thought I was going to die.

"The experience was short-lived. I was too frightened to let go totally. It was after being well informed by a spiritual medium and good friend that my fears dissipated.

"Due to a selfish and naïve decision to abandon my mediumship, I have paid a heavy price. I no longer enjoy the many spiritual pleasures of astral journey.

"Although I am now devoted to following my spiritual path, I cannot recapture what was lost many years ago."

Click here to read more on the person's spiritual experiences.

Case 2

Ms. R

“The first time I had an out of body experience or an astral projection experience, I did not know what was happening to me.

"I went to bed as usual. I was about to doze off when suddenly I felt a pulling. When I looked down, I noticed my body in the bed motionless.

"It was a strange situation. I became two beings. One was in bed, and the other was floating above.

"I felt very light. I began drifting higher and higher. I was floating above buildings. I could see the streetlights and the lights inside the apartments.

"Unexpectedly, fear took over. I began to panic. I kept saying to myself, ‘I don’t want to die…I want to go back.’

"When I finally woke up, I was sweating and my heart was pounding. I thought it was the scariest moment in my life. I thought I was going to die, and kept thinking about my family.

"After gathering information, I realized what it was. Now, I accept the experience as part of my spiritual growth. Although I would like the experience to occur more often, it just doesn’t happen that way.”

My Experience

My experience with astral projection has been, in some way, similar to the above-mentioned-traveling outside the physical body.

The few times this spiritual phenomenon has occurred, the sensation has been astounding. Being outside my body and witnessing the body in a rest state was so surreal. 

The soul can experience the environment without being affected by it. During these travels, I have felt immense inner peace.

Once, I remembered leaving my body, floating out the window, and feeling a gentle breeze on my cheeks.

I kept traveling high above the buildings until I was no longer on this plane but in a completely different realm from Earth. It was in this other place where I met my maternal grandmother.

She gave me valuable information that helped me to understand certain spiritual matters.

In the end, she said her final goodbyes. I returned to the room where my body was and stepped back in.

That was a fascinating moment/experience.

Fear is an emotional barrier that prevents the person from enjoying the experience and discovering the mysteries of the spirit world. 

The fear of not being able to re-enter the body and dying can be overwhelming. This is understandable, especially when the person has no information on astral projection.

If you have experienced astral projection and are afraid, seek information to help you understand the true nature of this spiritual phenomenon. 

Is astral projection real ? You decide. 

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