What is a Spirit Animal ?

Paintings of Animal Spirit Guides 

What is a Spirit Animal ?

What is a Spirit Animal ?

Animal Spirit Guide Paintings

What is a Spirit Animal ?

According to Dictionary.com, "...spirit animal  refers to a spirit which helps guide or protect a person on a journey and whose characteristics that person shares or embodies. It is also metaphor, often humorous, for someone or something a person relates to or admires."

On many occasions, animal images have appeared during spirit messages/readings. I have learned from spirits that such animal presentations are used by spirits as symbols to inform the people of something they need to know. On numerous cases, the person is able to identify with the animal that is seen around them.  

In one case, a woman requested a spirit animal painting. What came out was a turtle. The spirit message revealed that the image represented a part of her. She had a low self-image and had created an invisible shell to hide and protect herself. Furthermore, she needed to come out of her shell and take a chance on life. What was interesting was that she confessed that on several meditation sessions she had visions of seeing a turtle near her.

In another case, two animals were shown- a cat and a lion. In this situation, spirit was telling the person that she needthe turtle was presented. This time it was to inform the person that she needed to slow down and have faith that she would get to her life destination in due time.

Below are some spirit animal paintings that have come through. 

Determination and Patience

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Protection and Power
Guidance, Protection and Change
Beauty and Change
Power and Good Fortune
Intelligence and Peace
Protector and Guide
Strength and Protector of personal space
Strength and Protection
Vigilant and Perceptive
Curious and Independent
Strength and Cunning

Each person is a unique individual. Therefore, each spirit animal can have a different meaning. Even though the above animal paintings have a title, the actual connection between the spirit animal and person determines the results. Many other factors determine the real symbol or meaning of the spirit animal.

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