Prayer For Comfort and Healing

Blessed Mother Mary

Prayer for Comfort and Healing

Prayer for Comfort and Healing

The world is currently in great need of spiritual healing prayers. We need God's healing power to guide us back to the light.

We cannot fix what has been broken. The damage we have created to the world and each other is too far-gone. We desperately require Divine intervention and guidance.

Rather than distancing ourselves from GOD, we should approach HIM and ask for HIS assistance.

We must kneel and request forgiveness.

Let us pray to our Heavenly Father and ask HIM to show us the way back into the light.

Let us come together as one unit and start the healing process.

Entering Dark Times

Many people agree that humanity is going through a difficult period.

We are moving away from the light and into the darkness.

The joy that once surrounded us has slowly vanished from our daily lives.

More and more individuals are currently struggling with profound emotional distress due to the destruction and losses they have experienced.

This has led many to fall into a state of depression and darkness.

In addition, compassion and brotherhood are being replaced by hatred and apathy, leading human beings to turn against each other for senseless reasons.

Nothing makes sense anymore. Prayer for healing is desperately needed. 

Man vs GOD

Humans have decided to write their own chapter on the future of the earth without any Divine consultation or guidance. 

They have become the master and god of all.

They have unplugged the cord that connects them to Father GOD's love.

They have cropped off the Divine hand that cradles the earth.

Without the supportive guidance of GOD's mighty power, the Earth is swiveling erratically.

Things are changing so rapidly. Years, months and days are becoming shorter and shorter.

The seasons also fly by without allowing us to enjoy them fully.

It almost feels like we are in a time machine, moving quickly through time.

We are on a roller coaster that is moving faster and faster without any intentions of stop. 

The Negative Energy that Surrounds Us is Real

Negative energy is consuming the Earth and taking control of the minds of many individuals. 

People are no longer thinking, they are reacting. However, not in a good way. Their actions make no sense. 

Instead of fighting the negative energy around us, some of us entertain it and allow it to take control of our actions and thoughts. 


1-A woman is waiting for the train to come. She hears the sound of the on-coming train. She moves closer to the edge. A man passing by pushes her into the tracks. 

2-A man is driving and blows the horn so that the car in front could move. The man in the front gets out of the car and goes over to the man behind him. He takes out a gun and shoot the driver. 

The list goes on and on. People reacting without thinking. They just go with the energy that is pushing them to create chaos. 

The Weapons of Mass Destruction


Weapons of mass destruction are a danger to everyone on this planet. 

They have the ability to change the future of the world. created and tested, putting our future in a dangerous situation. 

Some countries are committed to develop more advance nuclear-armed missiles that are capable of destroying a myriad of human lives. 

In addition, to destroying human lives, the affects of these weapons can create a long-lasting effect on the atomsphere and oceans. 

Mother Nature

Natural disasters are occurring more frequently and with greater severity.

Despite these clear warnings from Mother Nature, many people continue to ignore the reality of our current situation.

Some believe everything is fine as long as they are not affected. However, the truth is that any adversity that happens to others will eventually impact us all in some way.

It is time to acknowledge the severity of the situation and take action to protect our world.

Recently, Morocco was struck by a devastating earthquake that has claimed the lives of over 2000 people and counting.

These disasters have been happening more often and will continue.  

COVID- The Pandemic

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has had far-reaching effects beyond those who fell ill.

It has devastated families and communities, leaving many to grapple with the loss of loved ones.

Due to hospital regulations, restrictions on gatherings, and travel, many families could not be with their loved ones during their final moments on Earth, making the grieving process even more difficult.

It has caused people to feel deep pain, which has often been difficult to heal.

Additionally, funeral services were suspended, exacerbating the pain of saying goodbye.

This pandemic has genuinely been a life-changing moment for countless individuals worldwide.

However, some people still believe that the pandemic was not real or just a fabrication created by some people to control.


Suicide is a topic that is not openly discussed as it should. 

According to USA, "Today, United States suicide rate reaches highest point in more than 80 years."

Many individuals are facing increased pressures and stress in today's world, often leading to a sense of hopelessness.

These people need healing prayers to help them let go of darkness and find light.

"O' Holy One I come before you today in need of your healing hand. In you, all things are possible.

"Hold my heart within yours, and renew my mind, body, and soul.

"I am lost, but I come to you with grace. You gave us life, and you also gave us the gift of infinite joy.

"Give me the strength to move forward on the path you've laid out for me. Guide me towards your Divine Light."

Author unknown.

Now and Future

from darkness to light

Depression, anxiety, and uncertainties of future events have increased.

We need the healing power of our Heavenly Father to guide us and give us strength to confront what is happening around us and change our ways.

Let us reach out to our Heavenly Father and ask for help.

Our only hope for salvation is prayer.

Let us send healing energy for all our brothers and sisters worldwide.

The Importance of Prayers


Prayer is a powerful source of healing and comfort, especially when experiencing physical and emotional pain.

Unlike meditation, where we LISTEN to messages from the Divine, prayer is having a CONVERSATION with the DIVINE. 

During prayer, we are communicating with GOD on a personal level.   

Therefore, pray for strength, hope, and a world of peace and love. 

Pray for your family, friends, those who did you wrong, and the entire world. 

When praying for those who have done you wrong, pray that the malice that is in their heart be replaced with love and good thoughts toward others. 

It's important never to wish harm upon others, as the negativity you put out into the world will inevitably come back to you tenfold.

Prayer from Comfort and Healing

Speaking to FATHER GOD

Dear GOD, I send you this prayer in the hope you will bestow your healing power upon your children on Earth.

We need spiritual and emotional healing as well as physical healing. Only you can bring healing to our broken souls.

Father God, I trust you and ask for your divine healing.

I pray for those who are sick and ask that YOU heal them.

I pray for those who are lost, may YOU guide them towards the light.

And I pray for the wicked, that they may realize their wrongdoings and change their ways.

Heavenly Father, allow your miraculous healing to spread around the world. Let it touch the hearts of all your children.

May your will be done.

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