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Connecting with Spirit through Art

Images of Spirit Guides

Many have asked when and how I started doing spirit guide pictures or paintings.

The answer is, I don't know - it just happened.

I've always enjoyed drawing and painting, and have believed in the spirit world since childhood.

My spiritual journey began at a young age.

Although I had developed some spiritual abilities, drawing or painting images of spirits was not one of them.

This happened much later. 

Initially, I didn't understand the purpose of my paintings.

However, as time passed, I realized their significance to the recipients.

Some found them to be affirmations, while others took comfort in seeing their spirit guides.

As this development continued, I noticed the paintings becoming more dynamic and meaningful.

On many occasions, the spirit would guide me to add significant details that became meaningful to the person receiving the painting.

My initial paintings were strange looking (look at the two paintings below).

However, in time, they began to take a more precise and realistic look. 

spirit guide 1
spirit guide 2

What is the Spiritual Process?

When a person requests a spirit guide painting, I request a photo of the person seeking it.

Once I receive the photo, I take a moment to pray and ask for permission from GOD for the spirit guide to connect with me.

If I am unsuccessful after three attempts, I will inform the person that I was unable to connect with the spirit energy.

However, if a connection is made, I immediately make a quick sketch to ensure I remember the essential features of the spirit energy.

Although my schedule can be hectic, the drawing reminds me to start painting when I have the time. 

At times, the guidance of the spirit is so strong that I must stop everything else and begin painting immediately.

As I work, the spirit directs my every move and communicates where each element should be placed.

Additionally, I make a point to jot down any messages the spirit conveys to me so that I can share them with the intended recipient.

What I noticed when some spirits come through and give the person a message, there is an energy shift in the person's life, making them feel connected to the unseen world. 

Many of the messages contained elements of healing, wisdom, inspiration, learning, harmony, guidance and much more.

Although the majority of the individuals who have received spirit paintings from me have been pleased, there was one instance where a woman had specific hopes that weren't met.

She was seeking a painting of Ascended Masters or Archangel, as she believed her spirit guides were of the highest level- Jesus and Archangel Michael.

She was very disappointed with the painting and accompanying message since they did not align with her expectations. 

I can only give what is given to me- nothing more, nothing less. 


Although I have seen some spirit guide painters who can fulfill all spirit guide painting requests., I have not been blessed that way.

On many occasions, some people have asked for a spirit guide painting and have gotten nothing

I cannot guarantee anything since I have no control over the process. I am just a vessel of spirits.

Below are a few Images of Spirit Guides paintings that I was inspired to do.

Enjoy the Images of  Spirit Guides

Images of Spirit Guides

spirit guide 3
spirit guide 4
spirit guide 5
spirit guide 6
spirit guide 7
spirit guide8
spirit guide 8
spirit guide 10
spirit guide 11
spirit guide painting
spirit guide picture
spirit guide 12
spirit guide 13
spirit guide 14
spirit guide 15
spirit guide 16
spirit guide 17
spirit guide 19
spirit guide 20
spirit guide 21
spirit guide 22
spirit guide 23
spirit guide 26
spirit guide 28
spirit guide imageThe Egyptian
pixguide25Indian Guru
spirit guide image1
spirit guide image 2
spirit guide image 5
spirit guide image 3
spirit guide image 9
spirit guide image 6

Spirit Drawings

spirit drawing
spirit drawing2
spirit drawing3
spirit drawing 4
spirit drawing5
spirit drawing6
spirit drawing7
spirit drawing8
spirit drawing9
spirit drawing10
spirit drawing 11
Peruvian woman
old wpman
woman and doves
spirit of man
spirit woman and flowers
santera and cigar

All spirit guide artwork was created by the owner of this website.

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