Shango Santeria
Yoruba Orisha of Thunder, Lightning, Fire and War

Shango Santeria

shango orisha


Shango, also called Chango, (I will be using both names through the page) is one of many orishas (deities) in the Santeria and Candomble religions. According to Wikipedia, Santeria and Candomble are "Afro-Caribbean religions derived from traditional beliefs of the Yoruba people of Nigeria." Enslaved Africans introduced these religious beliefs to the New World. Although the slaves were forced to convert to Christianity, they secretly continued to worship and practice their religion. To avoid severe punishment and preserve their Yoruba tradition, the slaves disguised their orishas as Catholic saints."

Santeria is comprised of a Supreme Being, known as Oloddumare, and orishas (deities). In Migene Gonzalez-Wippler's book, Santeria, The Religion, she writes that Oloddumare created the, "orishas to manifest his will and express his essence in nature...The orishas are not gods, but children and servants of Oloddumare."

After reading the above-mentioned statement, one can surmise that orishas are messengers of God doing His work.

Who is Shango ?

Shango's EnergyShango's Energy

Orisha Shango is a highly esteemed African deity in the Afro-religious community. He is revered by his followers and is considered the Lord of thunder, lightning, and fire. He loves to dance, play the bata drums, and have fun. However, he is also known for his reputation as a womanizer. Despite his love for enjoyment, he is a formidable warrior who exudes strength and power.

Shango is like a father to his devotees - he loves them but won't tolerate disrespect or crossing boundaries. Just like any good parent, he won't hesitate to discipline his children if they step out of line.

The great orisha deity is known to carry a double-headed axe. It is a symbol that represents justice. If you dream of seeing him forcefully swinging his axe downward, it may be a message from him. It could indicate he's upset with you or trying to eliminate negative energy around you.

Besides his double-headed axe, you will also recognize Shango by his colors. His colors are white and red. I see these colors as opposite. White being calm energy and red, fiery energy.

Shango and Saint Barbara


In Santeria, Shango is associated with Santa Barbara, a Catholic Saint who shares many similar traits. Both are represented by the colors red and white, and they carry specific tools - Saint Barbara holds a sword, while Shango carries a double-edged ax. Additionally, Saint Barbara holds a goblet in her right hand, while Shango is often depicted with a mortar. Saint Barbara is linked to thunder and lightning, while Shango's symbols are affiliated with fire, thunder, and lightning.

Shango and His Wives
 Oshun, Oba, and Oya

Chango,Oya,Oba,and OshunChango, Oshun, Oba, and Oya

According to Yoruba tradition, Shango has had three wives named Oya, Oba, and Oshun. Oya was Shango's first wife who has always remained loyal to him. She has been his trusted companion in battles, and they continue to be an unbeatable duo.

With Oba, Shango abandoned her because of the harmful advice Oshun gave her.
Oshun met Shango during a festival and fell madly in love with him at first sight. Although he was married to Oba, Oshun and Shango had a passionate love affair. However, she wanted more. She wanted him for herself only. She devised a plan to separate him from Oba and have him for herself. She told Oba to cut off her ears, mix them in soup and serve it to him. Furthermore, she said that by doing so, he would never leave her. Trusting Oshun, Oba took Oshun's advice. When he realized what she had done, he became furious, left her, and went to live with Oshun.

La Santeras or The Priestess 


Some women who are referred to as hijas de Shango, or daughters of Shango, display qualities of fearlessness and assurance, and these characteristics are typically linked with the fire zodiac sign. These women are commonly known as santeras.


My Special Connection with Shango


When I made the decision to add Shango to the website, I tried to create a portrait of him. However, it was a challenging task as he did not seem to come to life on the canvas. It was like trying to invite him in, but he was reluctant to appear.

Because Shango can be quite demanding, I realized I needed to approach our relationship differently. Instead of painting, I decided to listen to him in a spiritual sense. I came to the realization that I needed to write first and paint later, in order to re-establish a connection with him.

From early on, I was told that I was 'Hija de Chango' (daughter of Chango). However, what did that mean? Did the father want to reunite with his daughter, or was there something he wanted to reveal to me? I began speaking to him and learning more about him.

Gradually, I began to feel a connection or closeness to the orisha. He began to materialize slowly on the canvas. Finally, he was giving me the green light to carry on.

During the process of doing the painting, I felt a strong urge to place  a necklace with red and white beads in his hand. In the picture, he is reaching out in a generous gesture. The necklace represents protection.  

orisha ChangoOrisha Chango

In addition to providing protection, he clears his followers' path to continue their earthly and spiritual missions. As mentioned previously, he loves his children very much but will not tolerate those who are not faithful and inappropriately conduct themselves. For those who attempt to challenge him, the total weight of his axe will be upon them. 

Worshippers be careful and do the right thing.

After completing the painting, I noticed a face on the left side of the double edge axe. I have no idea how it got there or its meaning.

See picture below.

Shango's AxeShango's Axe
Shango looking at youShango santeria


The Prayer for Justice and Protection

Oh! Shango, my Father Shango, watch over all who beg for your protection, give us your blessing my Father, protect us from all our enemies.

We entrust to You, my Father Shango, by your intervention, send us from the top of your quarry a spark of lightning, and with it the teaching! So that we may thus treat our fellow men with all serenity and all justice.

My Father Shango, who is the lawyer and representative of divine justice! I ask you to defend me from the injustices of men and protect humanity against all misfortunes. Defend and protect all my innocent brothers and sisters from those who seek to harm them or deceive them with their lies.

My Father Shango, teach these our brothers the way of good, faith, and charity, so that they may practice good deeds, as our Father Obatala taught us! And that they may learn to give for free what they have received for free.

Bless me, Shango, and protect me from all the dangers of daily life and drive away from my enemies and help me to do good without looking at whom, teach me to be my best, to be right and just.

Teach me, my Father, to love and respect my fellow men as much as I love and appreciate you. I ask you also, my Father Shango, protect my friends and loved ones from all evil.

Kaô Cabecilê, my Father!

For those who feel wronged by life and want to change the negative results! For those who suffer from envy and cannot progress in personal, educational, or professional life, Shango will protect you from false friends and will open doors.

📃 Author Unknown

Taken from

Chango Prayer

May the spirit of Chango protect my family and me from all harmful earth elements. Please keep those who wish to harm us away from our lives. Walk by our sides and grant us your strength, so we can overcome any obstacles that may block our path towards the Divine Light.


May Chango bless you.

Shango Santeria, 



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