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The Art Galley

Hello and welcome to the Art Spirit Gallery!

Come explore my collection of spiritual paintings inspired by spirits of light.

My creative process is guided by the spirits who give me a vision to paint, but only reveal the complete outcome at the end, resulting in surprising final pieces that evoke a spiritual reaction in me.

Connection to the Spirit World

Creating spiritual artwork has helped me connect with the spirit world, gain a deeper understanding of spirituality and the true meaning of life.

In addition to finding immense comfort, this connection with the spirit realm has made it easier for me to release past emotional burdens by understanding my true mission on this plane.

I believe that practicing this art form has helped me in my spiritual journey and deepened my connection with God and His/Her spiritual messengers.

Go with the Energy

I find great meaning and serenity in spiritual art.

When viewing the spiritual artwork of this website I encourage you to focus deeply and sense its energy. See if it connects to your soul, If so, perhaps it is telling you to explore your inner spiritual self. Don't be afraid to let go. 

Allow it to bring you peace, awareness, and joy.

The interpretation of each image is subjective. Take your time to observe and see if it evokes any emotions or thoughts.

Wishing peace and blessings to all who explore this gallery.

Enjoy your experience!

Art Prints

The Art Spirit Gallery

pixcelebrateSpiritual Enlightenment
Spirit Wind
Saint Michael
Jesus is here
Please wake up......
Dog-Friend and Protector
The Spiritual Journey
The Universe
praying womanPraying and Chanting
saint michaelArchangel Michael
Crucifixion of Jesus
Blood of Jesus
Meditation 1
Meditation 2
Mary and Jesus
pixalien2Alien 1
pixalien4Alien 2
Opening of Third Eye
Spiritual Enlightenment
Spiritual Reality
Spiritual Hope
Fruitless Mind
Spiritual Mind
pixyamaYemaya-Goddess of the Ocean
kaliBWKali- Hindu Goddess
blind faith

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