Kali Goddess of Death and Renewal

Maha KaliMaha Kali

Kali Goddess of Death and Renewal

"She takes away the darkness from every individual who strives in the path of perfection by performing the spiritual disciplines of purifying austerities. Kali means She who is Beyond Time." (Shree Maa)

kali Ma Mother GoddessKali Ma Mother Goddess

Kali's Story

Kali also known as Maha Kali, Kali Ma and numerous other names is one of many hindu goddesses. 

There are numerous versions about Kali's origins in literature, but the most intriguing one I came across is as follows:

During a battle with the buffalo demon, Durga, the Hindu Goddess, became so furious that her anger burst from her forehead in the form of Kali -a feminine form.

Durga Hindu GoddessDurga Hindu Goddess

After being born, Kali went on a frenzied rampage, consuming all the demons that crossed her path.

Her uncontrollable behavior left everyone unsure of how to bring her to a halt.

Eventually, it was Hindu deity Shiva who intervened and put a stop to Kali's rampage. 

He did so by lying down in her path. When she recognized who she was stepping on she immediately calmed down.

The above information was taken from www.worldhistory.org (Kali-World History Encyclopedia)

shivaLord Shiva

Meaning of Kali's Tongue and Many Arms 

Sometime Goddess Kali is represented with ten arms and other times with four. For some unknown reason, I selected four for the painting above.

The two arms on the left, the hands are carrying a weapon and a severed head. It symbolizes the destruction of ignorance and the human ego. 

On the right side, there are two arms representing fearlessness and blessings. This signifies that Goddess Kali will protect and guide her devotees in this life and the afterlife.                                                      (Wikipedia)

According to www.solanda.com

"Four arms symbolize the four corners of the world.

Right hands symbolize the blessings of the creation.

Left hands holding a chopped off head and a sword, are a symbol of destruction.

The head that Kali holds in her left hand is the symbol of Kali’s power to destroy the false consciousness."

Kali's extented tongue represents shame, speechlessness  and embarassment when she realized she was stepping on Lord Shiva's chest.

Encountering Kali

kalistatueBlack Goddess

A few years ago, I was introduced to the Kali Hindu Goddess of death. A devotee of Kali had given me the name of a web site that was dedicated to her.

When I first saw a picture of Kali Ma, I was horrified. I did not know what to think. Was she good or evil?

The more I looked at her, the more I believed she was evil. She had all the makings of something evil- blood, skulls, chopped heads, etc.

To me, they were all signs of a diabolic nature.

As I began to familiarize myself with the Goddess, I realized that my initial reaction was inappropriate.

I was guilty of doing the very thing that I detested- judging a person or thing based on its appearance. I began to see her differently.

She was no longer the dark complexion evil creature that I initially saw. Instead, she was the light in the middle of darkness.

She was a warrior goddess, fighting evil with full force. A feminine force to be reckoned with. 

As time continued to move on, the thought of the great Goddess Kali began to fade away from my mind.

From time to time, I would pass by a statue of Kali Ma that I possess, smile and continue walking.

Recently, the Goddess' name began to resurface. Out of nowhere, I felt a powerful urge to paint a picture of Kali. It was as if she was waiting anxiously to come out.

Although I had started another painting, I placed it aside and commenced to paint her portrait (see the Kali Spiritual Goddess painting above).

During the painting process, I was instructed to use certain items. One of the items was wire for her hair.

At first, I thought the idea was outlandish. However, after completing the process, I was delighted with the outcome.

Who is Kali, the Dark Goddess?

kali2Ma Kali -Warrior Goddess

Even though I am not a follower of the Goddess Kali, I am a listener.

It was during the painting process that information was revealed to me. It felt, at times, as if I was having a conversation with the woman I was painting.

As words and images began to unfold, I began to understand her true nature.

There is more to the Goddess than what is presented in her paintings and statues.

Many individuals across the globe have misconstrued Goddess Kali.

Some see her as a dark devilish creature.

She is neither dark nor devilish.

On the contrary, she is full of light and goodness. She emits light to all of her followers, showing them the path to righteousness and enlightenment.

Kali is a divine feminine figure full of love for all her followers who do right for themselves, others and the planet.

Some individuals, who love Kali, call her Divine Mother Kali. In fact, she is a mother to all of her followers.

She protects, guides, and nurtures all of her children. Moreover, as a good mother, she disciplines those who have gone astray.

Being a follower of the Goddess is not an easy task. It requires honesty, devotion, and willingness to strip oneself of all mundane feelings such as self-centeredness, anger, hate, fear, bigotry, etc.

She requires that her children travel deep inside the self, face their demons, and yank them out. This could be an arduous and frightening task for some.

Although she can be extremely benevolent, she can also be very disciplinary.

Many followers find themselves facing the same life lessons repeatedly. It is her way of letting them know that they have not gotten the lesson right and more work is needed.

What a person believes he or she is doing right may not be right in her eyes.

There are times when her presence is felt strongly on the planet. It is a time when she is in full force fighting evil.

Additionally, it is a time when destruction is needed in order to reconstruct.

Kali’s message is very straightforward- be loyal to yourself and others, destroy all negative behaviors and inner thoughts preventing you from reaching enlightenment, and walk in the light.

If you desire her help, just ask her. If you are sincere in your request, she will always be there for you.

She will protect and keep you safe from all negative forces.

Always remember never to call her for any evil doings, or selfish motives.

If you do, your head may be one of the many she wears around her waist.

May Kali watch over you and protect you from all that is evil.

Kali goddess of death

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3-Kali Appearance

Goddess KaliGoddess Kali

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