Loss of Loved One
Prayers for the departed


Loss of Loved One 




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Prayers for those in need

Prayer for the Lord’s Comforting Presence

Lord of unfailing love, I need You to help me deal with the loss of my loved one. Your word says blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. The depth of my pain seems too profound to heal, and the loss of my loved one is too life-altering to comfort. But there is that word. BUT with You all things are possible. Therein lies my hope, Your ability to comfort and ease my pain as a loving and personal Savior. I am trusting in You to comfort me in my sadness. Breakthrough the darkness in my soul and bring Your light and warmth. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Help With the Pain

Most merciful God, I turn to Your Word and prayer to help me through these trying days. I don’t think I understood the anguish in David’s soul as he penned his Psalms until now. The loss of my loved one has brought such anguish into my life, and it is almost unbearable. I say almost because I know there is always hope in You. For this reason, Lord, I come to give You the overwhelming anguish of my soul and ask for Your loving intervention. Nothing can change the loss of my loved one, but can You please help me change the way it is affecting me? Lord, please help ease the pain. Amen.


(taken from the gospel according to allan kardec)

departed loved ones


Almighty God, may Your mercy be shown to the soul of X . . . whom You have just called back from Earth. We beg and implore that the trials suffered here may be counted in their favour and that our prayers may soften and shorten the penalties still to be suffered in the Spirit form!

Good Spirits who came to fetch this soul, and most especially their Guardian Angel, help them to free themself from matter. Give them light and a consciousness of themself so that they may quickly leave the state of perturbation inherent in the passing from the body back to the spiritual life. Inspire in their Spirit repentance for all errors and faults committed and a desire to obtain permission to remedy them so as to quicken their advancement in the direction of the life of those who are eternally blessed.

And you, ... ., who have just entered into the World of the Spirits, we wish to say that despite this fact, you are still with us; you hear and see us, since you have merely left the perishable physical body, which will quickly be reduced to dust.

You have left the gross envelope which is subject to vicissitudes and death, now retaining only your etheric body which is imperishable and inaccessible to material suffering. If you no longer live through a physical body, you live instead through your Spirit, and the spiritual life is free from those miseries which afflict humanity.

You no longer have over your eyes the veil which hides the splendors of the future existence from us. Now you may contemplate new marvels while we remain bathed in darkness.

You may travel through space and visit the worlds in all liberty while we still painfully drag ourselves about here on Earth, prisoner in our material bodies, which are like heavy armor.

The infinite horizons stretch themselves before you, and on seeing their grandeur, you will understand the vanity of terrestrial desires, of worldly aspirations, and the futility of the so-called joys to which Man delivers himself.

For Man, death is nothing more than a separation from matter, lasting but a few instants. From this place of exile in which we continue to live according to the Will of God, and with the duties we still have to fulfill in this world, we will continue to follow you in thought till the moment when it is permitted for us to join you once again, just as now you are reunited with those who preceded you.

We cannot go to where you are, but you may come here. So come then to those who love you and whom you love; help them in the trials of life; watch over those who are dear to you; protect them as much as you are able; lessen the bitterness of absence by suggesting to them the thought that now you are happier and that one day, for certain, you will again be reunited in a better world.

In the place you are now, you must extinguish all earthly resentments. You must hold yourself inaccessible to them now, for the sake of your future happiness! Therefore forgive all those who may have incurred debts towards you, just as those against whom mistakes were committed now forgive you


O Lord, may You see fit to receive this prayer in the name of _____ favorably. Help them perceive the divine lights that will make their pathway to eternal happiness easier. Permit the good Spirits to take them my words and thoughts.

You who were so dear to me in this world, listen to my voice which calls to offer my pledge of affection anew. God allowed you to be liberated before me, and I cannot complain about this without being selfish because this would be equal to a wish that you be still subject to the sufferings of life. So wait with resignation for the moment of our reunion in this happier world, where you have arrived before me.

I know that this separation is only temporary and that however long it may appear to be, its duration is nothing compared to the blessed eternity which God has promised to His chosen ones. May His goodness preserve me from doing whatever it might be that could delay this longed for moment, so that I may be saved from the pain of not encountering you when I leave my earthly captivity.

Oh, how sweet and consoling is the certainty that there is nothing between us but a material veil which hides you from my sight! That you can even be here at my side, hear me speak as of old, or perhaps even better than then; to know that you do not forget me as I do not forget you; that our thoughts are constantly intermingling and that your thoughts accompany me and uphold me.

May the peace of the Lord be with you.

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