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Black magic spells, according to Free Dictionary by Farlex, is, “a form of sorcery, or the magical manipulation of nature for self-aggrandizement, or for the benefit or harm of a client. This manipulation often involves the use of spirit-helpers, or familiars.”


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You should not be surprised that such evil exists. It is part of nature. “The universe is under the dominion of two opposing principles one of which is good and the other evil.” Evil is necessary in order to compare it and fully understand the concept of good.

From the Beginning of Time

From the beginning of time, man has been obsessed with witchcraft, black magic spells and sorcery.

Joan of Arc was falsely accused of being a witch and using witchcraft beliefs. She was found guilty and burned at the stake.

Jesus was accused of using sorcery to heal the sick.

When the Pharisees heard that Jesus has healed a man who was unable to see and talk, they said, “This man can force demons out of people only with the help of Beelzebul, the ruler of demons.” (Matthew 12:22-32)

Salem, Massachusetts 

In the late 1600s, Salem, Massachusetts was consumed by fear as witchcraft beliefs and accusations became widespread, and the resulting witch hunts and witch trials commenced.

"More than 200 people were accused. Thirty people were found guilty, 19 of whom were executed by hanging (14 women and five men). One other man died under torture after refusing to enter a plea, and at least five people died in jail." (

People were in a state of hysteria. They unknowingly accused people of being witches and followers of the devil.  

Innocent people accused of possessing supernatural powers, practicing dark magic spells, and being in contact with demon spirits were wrongfully found guilty and tortured.

Modern Times

Now, in the twenty-first century, the topic remains popular. I did not realize the impact it had on individuals until I began receiving e-mails from people claiming to be the victims of black magic spells.

They were expressing the same thing- “Someone is doing black magic on me. They have placed a spell on me, and I need your help.”

My initial reaction to the e-mails was, “Why me?” These people were assuming that I possessed magical, spiritual powers that would eradicate evil magic. That was so far from the truth. I do not possess any magical powers.

Where was that idea coming from? That’s like saying, I have the power to make the blind see and the crippled walk.

Before I go on, let me clarify one thing. The only power I possess is the power of prayer- a gift that is granted to everyone.

However, in time, I realized that the true intention of receiving such e-mails was to include the subject matter in this web site.

If people were writing e-mails on the subject, then it was a concern worthy of being part of this web site.

Does Evil Eye, Black Magic, Hexes, etc. exist?

From my experience, I know that the power of evil does exist. I have heard stories and witnessed situations that attest the above statement. People have used black magic spells for numerous reasons-from controlling others to stealing someone else’s mate.

However, I have witnessed people blaming black magic for the problems they were experiencing; when, in fact, their mishaps were the result of their inner demons whom they refused to face making them paranoid.

Certain reported cases confirm the existence of evil magic spells. I will write about a specific case later.

First, let us explore cases where black magic practice was not the case, but used as a means to attain a personal goal by the spiritual practitioner.

In these cases, unscrupulous, money-hungry mediums or psychics try to convince the person in believing that black magic curses indeed possessed them. The goal was to scam money from the client by fraudulent means.

Case 1
My Experience

Years ago, a woman medium said to me that someone, who was envious of me, had placed black magic spells on me. I looked at her and smiled.

Not knowing why I was smiling, she said, “Why are you smiling? This is serious and will bring about grave problems for you.”

I continued to smile and said, “Please, tell me who it is so that I can thank the person. I was not aware of how important I am. I actually have a fan out there.”

The woman got upset and moved away from me. As she walked away, I said to myself, “Lady, get a real job.”

The woman was a charlatan or con artist utilizing mediumship for personal gain. Such individuals prey on people’s vulnerabilities.


Case 2
Black Magic or Paranoia? 

In another case, two women were arguing with each other. In addition to harsh words, woman A told woman B, “I am going to place black magic spells on you!” and walked away.

Soon afterward, woman B began to experience severe headaches and insomnia. She attributed her condition to evil magic. She was convinced that woman A had placed a curse on her.

Spiritual Consultations

In a desperate attempt to remove the so-called spell, she began visiting mediums and psychics. In her first spiritual reading, there was no mention of any black magic . She felt the woman was a fake, and walked away feeling terribly disappointed.

Eventually, she met a medium who told her what she wanted to hear. “Someone has placed a black magic curse on you.” Week after week, she faithfully visited the medium for spiritual cleansings to remove the curse. Although her condition did not change, her bank account began to diminish.

After a few months of seeing no improvement, she decided to visit another medium. The medium was highly recommended by a friend.

When she arrived for her initial appointment, she was greeted be a middle-aged woman. “What are you searching for?” the medium asked. The woman quickly began to reveal her story. The medium listened attentively. When the woman finished, the medium smiled and said, “Yes, I sense the dark energy around you. I can help you with that.” Although the price was a bit high, the medium convinced her that it was worth every penny.

After a few sessions of spiritual work, the woman felt no change in her condition. When she approached the medium and expressed her thoughts, the medium became highly indignant. “I have been a medium for many years. I know what I am doing. It has to be your fault. It seems you are not doing your part,” the medium responded.

The medium convinced her that she would see positive results soon. However, after two months, her money ran out. When she revealed her financial woes to the medium, the woman displayed no compassion. Instead, she began giving excuses for not seeing her. The last excuse was that her spirit guide wanted her to rest for a few months.

A Visit to a Medical Doctor

Still suffering from severe headaches and insomnia, she decided to use her medical insurance to see a doctor. The physician explained to her that she was going through menopause, which was causing the headaches and insomnia. She was given medication and a list of relaxation exercises. After a few months, her symptoms began to subside.


Two years later, she and woman A reconciled. Woman A revealed that her statement of placing a curse on her was said out of anger. She knew that it would get woman B rattled. No black magic spells ever existed.

This case demonstrates how easily a person can become obsess with the idea of being the object of black magic spells, when, in fact, there is no curse. Additionally, with the help of moneymaking mediums, a person’s obsession can reach a heightened level.

The mind can be the biggest curse. If you allow it, the mind can convert your world into a curse. Therefore, it is essential to feed the mind positive thoughts, and keep it clear of negativity.

Case 3
Black Magic Spell

The following case was taken from David St. Clair’s book, Drum and Candle, where he described a personal experience in which he was a victim of black magic.

It all took place in Rio de Janeiro. He had been living and working in Brazil for approximately eight years. Life was great. He had finished writing a book, lived in a nice apartment close to the beach, was involved in a meaningful relationship, and had a maid who took care of all his domestic needs.

However, after eight years in Brazil, he decided to relocate to Greece. When he spoke to his housekeeper about his plans, she burst into tears. She could not believe that he would abandon her.

His plans were to wait for his book to be sold and the arrival of a monetary inheritance before leaving for Greece.   

Despite all of his efforts, his plans remained at a standstill. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and still no positive news on his book or inheritance.

His bills were piling up; his girlfriend left him, and his health began to decline. His only faithful companion was the housekeeper.

Discovering the Truth

Suddenly, a friend appeared. He arrived for a short visit. A few days prior to his visit, he said he had consulted a well-known medium. He wanted to get some spiritual guidance pertaining to his profession. In addition, he asked the spirit, who incorporated the medium, about David’s book. His friend, who had not mentioned David's name, was stunned by the spirit's precise details on David's life including his name. In addition, the spirit said that David's housekeeper had placed black magic spells on him. She did it to block his paths. He was told to stay away from the apartment for David, as well as the apartment, was cursed and surrounded by evil spirits.

When his friend told him the story, David was in a state of disbelief. He could not believe that the woman he trusted had betrayed him. However, after hearing all the details, he could not dismiss the facts. Pieces of his clothing had been disappearing without any clear explanation from his housekeeper.

The Umbanda Ceremony
Breaking the Curse

Wanting to put her to the test, he told her that he believed he was cursed and needed to remove it. Moreover, he wanted her to attend an Umbanda (a Brazilian folk religion) session with him. Alarmed, she expressed that she was a non-believer, and never visited an Umbanda session. He refused to take no for an answer.

On the designated day, they headed to the Umbanda ceremony. After a long and exhausting bus ride, they arrived at the house where the ceremony would take place.   

At approximately midnight, the drummers began beating their drums. It was time for the ceremony to commence. Inside the gathering place, the walls were adorned with paintings of Saint George, the old Black Slave, Exu (the Devil) and others.


Women dressed in white began filing in. They began dancing in circles until spirits possessed them. When the women were released from the spirits, they began to leave the room.

A few minutes later, a woman dressed in red and black walked in. She was possessed by Exu, the God of Evil.

When Exu began working on him, the truth was revealed. His housekeeper remained motionless and speechless. Exu ordered her to leave the room.

The God of Evil continued working on him to remove the curse. When the curse was removed, he was told, “The person who wished you evil will fall ill and suffer.”

Not wanting any harm to come to his housekeeper, he pleaded. However, Exu remained firm on his decision. He said, “Evil must be handled intelligently. If not, it flies right back in your own face.”

A few days later, his paths began to open up. Things that he assumed lost were resurfacing.

As for his housekeeper, her health began to decline rapidly. After a series of tests and surgery, no medical explanation was found for her condition.

After confessing to her wrongdoing, she told him that she was leaving. An Umbanda priest, she had visited recently, informed her that the curse she had placed on him, “had returned twofold.” In order to get better, she needed to leave.

(For a detailed description of this case and others, read David St Clair's book Drum and Candle. I highly recommend it.)

Final Comment

The case above illustrates the existence of black magic spells.

However, it also shows that God doesn't abandon his children. God guides us through the darkness when our minds and hearts are pure. He places people in our path to help us.

Also, specific experiences are part of our lesson plan.

I suggest those intending to harm others evaluate their thoughts. The losses will be greater than the gains.

As mentioned previously, any evil done to another will return to the doer twofold.

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