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Casa De Dom Inacio 

Update: Joao Teixeira, the primary medium of Las Casa do Dom Inacio, has been arrested for numerous crimes, including the rape of several women. Although the man is a fraud and never had any spiritual power or abused it at one point, I cannot stop thinking that there was something spiritual in that particular place in Brazil, which is unexplainable. NEVER GIVE AWAY YOUR POWER. JOAO TEIXEIRA IS JUST A MAN AND NOT GOD. REMEMBER, mediums are just instruments of GOD's messengers. They possess NO SPIRITUAL POWER. They simply interpret the messages of spirits. The public is responsible for giving these mediums power. I was told, by a good source, that the spirits from the Casa manifested and said that Joao Teixeira had to change or the entire thing would come tumbling down. I guess he thought he was untouchable and did not heed their warning. People forget that GOD is aware of everything, and HIS wrath can come down at any time. When mediums become greedy, and the ego takes over, they are no longer walking in the path of light. Joao Teixeira now joins the rank with other DISGRACED so-call SPIRITUAL HEALERS. Perhaps, they started in the right direction but soon deviated into the path of darkness. 

I definitely believe that there was spiritual energy in the area. I also believe that perhaps at one point Joao Teixeira possessed some spiritual connection with spirits. However, his greed, ego, hunger for power and evil ways led him into a path of darkness and destruction, creating a time bomb set for his downfall. 


You know what feels right or wrong. Follow your heart. 

My Experience At The Casa de Dom Inacio

Before diving into my experience(s) during my visits to La Casa de Dom Inacio, I will give a brief summary on how I became aware of this soul healing centre. 

There are three types of people who visit La Casa de Dom Inacio. The first type consists of individuals who are experiencing illness and desperately seeking a cure; the second type consists of inquisitive individuals; and the third type is comprised of individuals who are called upon by a spiritual force to visit La Casa. I believe that I belong to the latter group.

My first encounter with La Casa de Dom Inacio/ Medium John of God was in 2003. It was a sad time in my life. My mother had survived a brain hemorrhage; and I was trying desperately to help her regain full health. Shortly after being released from the hospital, the family decided that my mother and I should visit my brother in Brazil. The family felt that the warm climate and new surroundings were the perfect combination for her recovery.

During my stay in Brazil, I received an e-mail from a friend informing me of a man who lived in Brazil, and incorporated spirit doctors who healed people. After reading the e-mail, I inquired about the distance between Abadiania and Espírito Santo-where I was staying. It was a two-day bus ride. Seeing it as an unfeasible trip due to my mother’s physical condition, I rejected the idea of going there.

Presently, I have concluded that the trip was not impossible, but rather not meant to be. The option of going by plane never entered my mind.

A year after my mom had crossed over, the names of Dom Inacio and Medium John of God resurfaced. Bored with the television program that I was watching, I decided to switch the channel. The names of Dom Inacio and John of God appeared. The program was a documentary on La Casa de Dom Inacio and Medium John of God. After watching the program, I felt a strong sensation of wanting more. Intrigued by what I had seen, I went into the internet to gather more information. During the search, I came across a woman’s web site that offered trips to La Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil. In addition, for those financially strapped or physically impossible to travel, she offered to take your photo requests for distance healing. Not having the inclination to travel there, I contacted the woman and opted for the photo/ distance healing.

Although I was not physically ill or in need of distance healing, I needed to establish some connection with La Casa de Dom Inacio. The reason for wanting a connection was a complete mystery to me.

Three years had gone by, and the names of Dom Inacio and Medium John of God remained locked away in my memory bank. It was in 2008 that a powerful urge to visit La Casa began to materialize.

In October 2008, I attended a hypnosis workshop, which not only helped me to attain additional hypnosis techniques, but also opened the door to a new spiritual experience. After a few hours into the workshop, I began to get fidgety. As I started looking around the room, I was amazed to discover that the woman sitting to my right had placed her John of God bag facing my direction. It was as if the bag was waiting patiently to get my attention.

During the break, I started asking the woman questions. She appeared more than happy to share, and answer my questions. She said that she had recently visited La Casa with a friend, and loved the experience. She depicted La Casa as a phenomenal spiritual place. Additionally, she indicated that her friend was planning to go again, but was not sure when. By the end of the workshop, we had exchanged e-mail addresses and said our farewells. I never thought I would hear from her again.

One day, while checking my e-mails, I was surprised to see an e-mail from her. She informed me that her friend, who had visited La Casa approximately ten times, was planning to go next year. Furthermore, she related that she would speak to him and let me know the details.

A few weeks later, she wrote me another e-mail saying that her friend was definitely going, and I was welcomed to join them. In a short period, all the arrangements were made.

On the day of my departure, I decided to take my Yemaya necklace with me, as I had always done in the past. When I grabbed my necklace to place in my suitcase, I noticed that the beads were falling. My necklace had broken, and I did not know how or why. Instead of being upset, I felt a sense of calmness. I immediately got on my knees and started picking up the beads. I heard a voice far away saying, “You need to throw away the old, and make way for the new.” Moreover, I was instructed to take the beads with me and discard them in a body of water. My necklace had done its job, and now it was time to let go.


Our flight to Brazil was quite pleasant. The first thing I noticed when we left the airport in Brasilia was the extraordinarily blue sky. The color was rich and vibrant. It was a blend of mystery and beauty. Indeed, it was God's glorious creation.

When we arrived at the St. Rita Posada in Abadiania, Maria, the owner, greeted us. We were her only guests. After freshening up, we headed to Dom Inacio Center, a three-minute walk from the Posada.

When we entered the grounds of La Casa Dom Inacio, there was silence all around us. Few people had gathered to meditate or pray silently. La Casa is in full operation Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. For the rest of the week, people can freely walk the grounds, meditate and/or pray.

Our first visit was to the meditation or main hall, which I called the triangle room. The room is attached to the main building and is accessible to the public every day. Here, people meditate, pray, and/or assemble before consulting the entities. On the front wall of the room, a wooden triangle is situated. People who wish to attain healing for others can place their pictures and/ or written messages there. Moreover, the triangle is used as a praying tool. People rest their hands and forearms on the triangle's sides, position their foreheads in the center, close their eyes, and pray (see picture below).

Healing triangle

"A triangle has been considered for ages as a metaphor for the feminine and masculine seen as principles, reaching up to the divine. The triangle is a powerful symbol often used to express stability. Its baseline represents humanity's rootedness in the earth. The two sides reaching up express the human desire for more, as we reach into the realm of the unknown, the field of unlimited potential" (Orbs Their Mission and Messages of Hope-Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D & Gundi Heinemann)

When I went to the front of the room and did the above mentioned, I felt immense energy entering my body. At one point, I saw a ball of light in front of me, pulling me toward the center. The experience was like no other I had experienced in the past. The energy in the room was pure, intense, and extremely powerful.

Observation Deck

Later, we went to the veranda or observation deck overlooking breathtaking and entrancing hills. We sat quietly, enjoying the beautiful scenery and spiritual energy around us. I felt that with each breath, my connection with spirit was growing stronger. Our energy was becoming one.

When I asked my friend why there was so much spiritual energy around us, he stated that besides spirits being there, Dom Inacio Soul Healing Centre was built on land covered with natural quartz. The stone's spiritual and healing properties were the principal reason why the entity selected the area. Furthermore, the locale is believed to be a spiritual gateway between this world and the spirit world.

On Tuesday, a day before the activities at Dom Inacio Soul Healing Centre, we went to a waterfall in a town called Corumba. There, in the presence of God, Yemaya, and nature, I deposited my beads. I thanked Yemaya for her many blessings, threw the beads into the water, and cleansed myself. The experience was awesome. 


On Wednesday, we left the Posada early and headed to La Casa Dom Inacio. When we got there, a large crowd had already gathered. Immediately, we got our tickets. These tickets are free and required to consult the entities. Next, I wrote three questions on a piece of paper and had them translated into Portuguese. The three questions consisted of personal issues that I wanted the entities to help me resolve. With a ticket in one hand and my questions in the other, I sat in the triangle room and waited patiently.

Four groups were waiting to enter the room. One group consisted of individuals attending the current rooms- these rooms are where people meditate and provide good vibration or current for the entities to perform their work. Another group comprised of individuals who were going to have spiritual surgery. And the last two groups were first and second-time visitors. Since I had previously given my picture for distance healing, I was considered a second-time visitor.

When my group was called, I quickly got on line. As we walked into the first current room, we were given blessed water to drink. As the line continued to move, I began to feel strange. My eyes started to get teary. I wanted to cry, and did not know why. As I got closer to John, the medium, I signaled a translator to assist me. I gave him the paper with the three questions and asked him to speak for me. When I approached the medium, which was incorporated with an entity, he took my hand and made eye contact. When the translator read my questions, the entity spoke a few words and quickly wrote something on a piece of paper. The translator told me that I needed to purchase some herbs. Then, he directed me into another room. As I walked into the room, I and others were told to sit, close my eyes, and pray. One of the volunteers began to guide us into a brief meditation. By this time, I was emotionally overwhelmed with all that had transpired in such little time. When I left the room, tears were rolling down my face.

My next stop was Dom Inacio Soul Healing Centre Dining Area. I was given a bowl of delicious "healing soup." The soup was free and part of the treatment.

After eating the soup, I needed to get away from the crowd. I left La Casa Dom Inacio and headed to La Posada.

When I got to my room, I decided to close my eyes and rest. Resting but still alert, I was startled by a loud knock on the door. Assuming that my friends had arrived from La Casa Dom Inacio, I immediately got up and opened the door. To my amazement, there was no one in sight. I looked everywhere and found no one. The only individuals on the second floor were my friends and me. Moreover, we were the only guests.

When my friends arrived from La Casa Dom Inacio, I told them what had occurred approximately thirty minutes later. One of my friends said that the entities were known to visit individuals in their rooms. According to him, it was part of the healing process.

Later that night, while waiting to fall asleep, I opened my eyes and saw the figure of a man entering my room. He walked across the room and quickly disappeared. Upon seeing this, I screamed. When I realized it was a spirit, I calmed down. I felt he was there to help and not to harm me. I closed my eyes and immediately fell asleep.

The following day, I got up early and headed to La Casa Dom Inacio. This time, I decided to sit in the current room. There, I took a seat and waited for further instructions. The atmosphere in the room was very relaxing, with entrancing background music playing. A few minutes later, a volunteer appeared and told us to close our eyes and meditate/pray. Even though the woman kept speaking, helping us relax and let go, I lost track of what she was saying. I immediately found myself drifting away.

I started having vivid visions. The visions felt so real that it took me a few seconds to realize that they were just visions upon awakening from a self-induced trance. When the morning session was over, I felt revitalized.

In the afternoon session, I went back to the current room. The initial process was similar to the morning session- closing eyes, relaxing, and meditating. As I slowly began to drift away, I began to experience an unusual sensation all over my body. It felt as if someone else was controlling my body movements. I began to rub my head, arms, and legs as if cleansing or removing something, uncontrollably. Even though part of me wanted to stop or control my body movements, I could not. Furthermore, my breathing was deep and rapid. The behavior continued throughout the entire session. When the session was over, I went back to my normal state.

In addition to attending the current room and consulting the entities, I received crystal-healing treatments and cleansed myself in the sacred waterfall.

crystal bed

Due to the recommendation of one of the entities, I began to take crystal-healing treatments. Crystal treatments are given in a separate building within La Casa Dom Inacio. The area consists of various rooms. Each room consists of a bed, a chair and a mechanical device.

The apparatus is made up of seven white quartz crystals. Attached to the top of each crystal is a different colored light corresponding to the human body's seven chakras. According to La Casa's literature, crystals combined with colored lights and hitting the different chakras will align and balance the person's energy field, creating a deeply relaxing and healing sensation.

On one occasion, I was on one of the treatment beds with my eyes closed. The machine was on and functioning correctly. During the session, I felt the presence of a person standing next to me. In my mind's eye, I saw a man in a white medical coat staring at me. His presence was so strong that I instantly opened my eyes. When I discovered that the room was empty, I closed my eyes again. The sensation and presence remained the same throughout the session.

La Casa Dom Inacio Sacred Waterfall is a must. However, to attend, one must get permission from the entities. The terrain where the waterfall is located is considered sacred. The place has a magical feel to it.

On the day of my waterfall adventure, my friends and I got up very early in the morning. As we walked down the hill to the sacred location, I could feel the morning chill embracing my body. "How am I going to do this when I am freezing," I thought to myself. I saw it as an arduous task- a task that I believed I could not achieve. Being cold is not something that I relish.

The closer I got to the waterfall, the colder I got. I began to pray to the entities for strength to carry out my mission- to cleanse myself in the sacred waterfall. As I stood in front of the waterfall, I said to myself, "It's now or never." I immediately dipped my head inside the waterfall, and then, my entire body. Although the water was freezing, my body was fine. In fact, I felt my body warming up more and more. The water was so stimulating that I did not want to leave. After five minutes, the amount allowed in the waterfall, I said my farewells and thanked the entities for their assistance.

Pictures of La Casa Dom Inacio Waterfall are not posted on this page since it is forbidden to take photos of the sacred area.

When I reached the end of my journey, I felt renewed and ready for a new beginning. My visit to La Casa Inacio-Soul Healing Centre opened up a part of me that was dormant- a spiritual part that needed to be activated.

Many individuals would say that my experiences were the results of some explainable event. I could only share what I felt and saw. My experiences had nothing to do with Medium John. I believe they were events produced by the unseen world which are unexplainable. 

Everyone has a right to accept or reject. The choice is yours to make. 

I thank all the entities from La Casa Inacio-Dom Inacio Center for the experience and assistance.

Don Inacio

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