Valley of the Dawn Brazil

Pai Seta Blanca -Father White ArrowPai Seta Blanca -Father White Arrow Valley of the Dawn Brazil

Valley of the Dawn Brazil
Vale do Amanhecer

Valley of the Dawn Brazil

A place where the acceptance and embrace of beliefs regarding UFOs and spirits is prevalent.

A place where spiritual healing is a reality.

Awareness of The Valley of The Dawn

While browsing the internet, I came across an article titled the Vale do Amanhecer community, also known as Valley of the Dawn.

The first thing that caught my attention was a photograph at the top of the page. It showed people dressed in unusual costumes that appeared more suitable for a masquerade ball than a religious gathering.

Intrigued by the photo, I continued reading and learned that Vale do Amanhecer is a spiritual community located approximately 30 miles north of Brasilia in Planaltina.

The Valley is located in the Federal District and is home to around 500 residents, many of whom are abandoned children taken in by Tia Neiva, according to Wikipedia.

Around the Valley there is a community of approximately 20,000 people, many of whom work or have connections to the Valley.

It is a place where the physical world and the world of spirits merge.

People visit this community to receive spiritual healing and help with their personal problems.

All the services are free.

In addition, it is a place in which mediumistic development is offered to those who want to pursue their spirit mediumship.

tia Nieve


The religion was founded in 1969 by Tia Neiva, a spiritual medium. 

She was a poor uneducated woman from the Brazilian coastal area and the first female truck driver in Brazil.

Tia Neiva began receiving information about a new religious movement during spiritual communication with a pre-Columbian spirit called Pia Seta Branca (Father White Arrow).

She was told that the new religion would contain elements from Catholicism, Spiritism, UFOs, Egyptian Mythology, Indigenous, and Afro-Brazilian religious beliefs.

It would be a religion unlike other Brazilian religions.

First Visit to the Valley

After finishing the article, I began searching for more information. Soon, I was longing to go beyond the written words. I wanted to experience the Valley on a personal level.

The Valley of the Dawn became first on my list of places to visit next time I would go to Brazil.

A few months later, I was on a plane heading to Brazil. It was the spiritual journey that I had been anxiously waiting for.

Upon arriving at Brasilia, my friend and I mutually agreed to make the Vale do Amanhece (Valley of the Dawn) the first stop of our spiritual journey.

Even though my friend had visited the Vale do Amanhece on a previous occasion, he could not remember much.

He had not been there long enough to explore the various mysteries of the Valley of the Dawn.

As the car was slowing down, I looked out the car window and saw a sign stating Vale do Amanhece. We were near our destination.

When we entered the area of the Valley, I was not impressed. It appeared to be a town like many I had visited in Brazil.

We decided to stay in a Posada that was located near the sacred lake (further information on the sacred lake will be given later).

After freshening up, we headed out to commence our exploration of the Valley.

A woman who was visiting the Posada owner offered to take us around the area.

Our first stop was the pyramid area.

Egyptian Style Pyramid

pyramid of healing

Upon entering the pyramid room, we were greeted by a man and woman dressed in lavish costumes.

The man wore a long brown cape, black shirt, yellow sash, and brown pants. Besides, he also had on a white leather vest, which contained an assortment of badges pinned.

We were informed that the badges indicated how many of the seven spiritual levels the person had reached.

The woman was dressed in a colorful, extravagant gown with an embroidered cape. Moreover, she wore a yellow and purple sash and a headdress.

spiritual practitioners

Our guide told them that we were visitors who had recently arrived. They were pleased to have us there and encouraged us to look around.

Before viewing and enjoying the many artistic treasures inside the pyramid, we were directed to consume a dab of salt located in a bowl near the entrance. It seemed to be a ritual of some sort.

The walls of the pyramid were adorned with colorful paintings of spiritual entities. The quality of the artwork was superb. In addition, there were two large pictures. One was of Pia Seta Branca and the other, I believed to be, Yemaya.

yema valley

In the middle of the room, a sizable crystal covered with a sheer fabric was hanging from the ceiling. Right below the crystal was a receptacle filled with water. The crystal is believed to transmit healing energy to the water below.

crystal valley

After looking around, we sat and meditated for a while. The inside of the pyramid contained a peaceful atmosphere. It was an ideal place to let go and relax.

Upon leaving, we were given a small cup of water to drink. We took the cup, drank the water, and thanked them.

As we stepped out of the pyramid, we noticed a ceremony near a man-made lake. We were informed that the ceremony was for the dispersal of Earth’s negative energy.

Spiritual Activities

By now, our guide had introduced us to her friends- a married couple dressed in traditional costumes. They were from San Paulo, Brazil.

Every year, they visited the Valley to partake in its spiritual activities. The wife was a spirit-channeling medium, while her husband was a spiritual assistant. They graciously agreed to show us around.

After saying our farewells to our first guide, we tuned in to our new companions. They were eager to share their experiences. The information that poured out of them was invaluable. An explicit picture of the Valley of dawn quickly evolved. They told us the history of the religion from the beginning to the present. All of our questions were answered in full detail. Although I was interested in what they had to say, my attention drifted elsewhere from time to time. I was fascinated by the activities around us. There were people dressed up congregating on street corners or middle of a road praying or performing spirit healing rituals.

It was something I had not seen before.

spiritual ceremony

Lost in deep thought, I did not realize we had reached a significant destination- the temple where most spiritual activities occur. Outside the temple, a large group had assembled with paper and pen in hand. They were soliciting signatures. Although I was told that these individuals were collecting signatures to secure soul-cleansing from personal karmic debts, I did not fully comprehend the true meaning behind their actions or the ritual's significance.

The Temple Complex

valley temple

Upon arriving at the temple entrance, our guides approached a temple volunteer standing near the entrance.

After exchanging a few words, the couple turned to us. In an apologetic gesture, they stated that they were sorry for having to end our tour, as they were scheduled to partake in a temple activity and needed to leave.

They gave us a warm friendly hug, took our hands and said, “salve Deus” (God save).

The volunteer smiled and took us inside.  When we walked inside, I first noticed a large oval-shaped table.

Sitting around the table were mediums possessed by imperfect spirits.

Behind each medium, a spiritual assistant stood communicating with the spirit and guiding it toward the realm of light. 

inside temple

As I looked around, I noticed several pictures of spirit guides, an immense statue of Pai Seta Blanco, and a large picture of Jesus.

The temple's interior was vast, comprising of numerous rooms, each referred to as a castle.

Each room housed several mediums who specialized in purification and removal of negative energies.

These spiritual rituals are carried out daily.

During the spiritual treatment, you would sit in silence with your eyes closed and meditate while the mediums performed their spiritual work on you. They would pray and chant.

The energy work was extremely powerful and captivating.

The entire process took a couple of hours.

preto spirits

Sacred Lake Area

sacred valley lake

The next day, we attended a ceremony at the sacred lake. The ceremony was geared at helping negative entities to enter a higher sphere in the spirit world.

While there I had the most interesting experience.

As I waited for the ceremony to start, a young woman, assisted by an older woman and walking with tremendous difficulty, approached the waiting area and sat next to me.  Her appearance was skeletal. The immense pain she suffered was clear on her pale face. It saddened me to think that I was sitting there without a care in the world, while she was wasting away. For an instant, I felt her affliction. I wanted to hug her and take away some of her pain. Instead, the only thing I could do was offer her a prayer.

Filled with much sadness, I began to pray for her. When the ceremony was about to commence, she was taken to a separate sitting area, and I did not see her after that.

As the members began singing and chanting in preparation for the spiritual work, I began to feel sick. I was dizzy and nauseous. The more they sang and chanted, the worse I got. I wanted to get up and walk away, but was told I needed to stay. By the end of the ceremony, my legs refused to move, and had to be helped by my friend. As I moved slowly up to the entranceway, I felt as if I was losing consciousness. I began sweating profusely. I held on to a railing and began regurgitating. My entire body was shutting down. I was sure that I was not going to survive. One of the Valley members rushed over with sacred water for me to drink and said something to me. I could barely hear her, but I could make out the word “okay.” After drinking some of the water, I began feeling better. More water was given to me. I was told to drink some and pour the rest over my head. I did so without any hesitation.

“The energy here is very powerful,” the woman said. “This is where negative energies are dispersed. It seems you are a medium and have picked up some of the energy. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Just drink the water.” Half an hour later, I was back to normal.

valley lake area


The remaining days, we continued to attend the various ceremonies and receive blessings and cleansing from spirits.

Although I could not see myself as a member, I respected the religious community for the work they conduct there. I expected nothing and received immense spiritual blessings.

The experience at the Vale do Amanhecer was remarkable and has been etched in my memory forever.

To all the members of the community that I encountered during my stay at the Vale do Amanhecer, I thank you. 

In order to receive, one needs to let go and open up to the process.

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