Understanding the Spirit World

Understanding the Spirit World.Understanding the Spirit World

Understanding the Spirit World
The Difference between Good and Evil

Definition of Spirit World and Spirits

Although some people believe that everything ends when the body dies, many believe there is a spirit world in which the soul travel to after death.

“For those who believe, no evidence is necessary; for those who do not, no evidence will suffice.”
― St. Thomas Aquinas

However, for those who believe, what is the spirit world and spirits. Let us explore the literature. 

The spirit world consists of different realms inhabited by both benevolent and malevolent spirits. 

Wikipedia states that, "According to the book Laws of Spirit World, the spirit world consists of seven realms, the lowest being Hell and the highest being Heaven. Each soul progresses from the lowest to higher realms based on what they learned from their karmic lessons."

As for spirits, ".... Spirits may be defined as the intelligent beings of the creation. They constitute the population of the universe, in contradistinction to the forms of the material world."

The Spirits' Book by Allan Kardec

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Are Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels Around Us?

Have you ever asked yourself if there are spirits around me? The answer is yes. They exist whether they are guardian spirits, evil spirits, or other spirits.

For many individuals, it may be hard to believe that everyone has a spirit-protecting guide or a guardian angel whose mission is to protect and guide them.

Guardian angels or spirit guides do not force us to do anything or attempt to control our actions. If a person chooses to ignore their guidance and head towards the dark side, they will step aside and allow the individual to make their own decisions.

These guides respect the principle of free will.

Do Evil Spirits Exist?

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Aside from spirits of light, there are also spirits of darkness. These spirits often masquerade as spirit guides, but in reality, they seek to spread their evil intentions. They are cunning and deceptive, preying on unsuspecting individuals and manipulating them to push them further into the abyss of darkness. Be cautious of these spirits and their malicious agenda.

Evil spirits can possess vulnerable individuals, manipulating them like puppets. They roam the earth looking for victims to instill their negative energy. They feed off our imperfections. 

"...Evil spirit waits for the other whom he dislikes to be linked to his physical body so that, less free, he is more vulnerable, easier to be tormented, hurt in his personal interests or in his most dear affections" (Gospel According to Spiritism).

"Spirit protecting guides', who are in the light, job is to protect and guide us into the right road, sustain us under the trials of life, and aid us to bear them with courage and resignation. Spirits of darkness do the opposite. They tempt us to do evil things. They get the immense pleasure to see us fall and make us like themselves"- Allan Kardec (Book of Spirits). 

Getting to know your spirit guides and testing their validity is essential. A good rule of thumb is to remember that good spirits are here to do good and will never guide you to do evil deeds.

Stories of Evil Spirits

 Case 1 -The Evil Curse

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A long time ago, a woman told me a shocking story.
A woman was having an affair with a married man. At one point during the affair, she wanted her lover to leave his wife. The man refused since his wife was pregnant and expecting his first child.

She went to a medium and asked the medium's spirit guides for assistance.

The medium's guides instructed her to prepare a curse so that the man's wife would lose the child and her lover would remain with her forever.

A month or so later, the woman had a miscarriage.

Thinking that her lover was free and would move in with her, the situation backfired.

The man, heartbroken by losing his unborn child, became closer to his wife.

Dark entities pretending to be spirits of light guided the woman into a world of darkness. She attracted such dark spirits because her soul was dark and evil.

After that event, life was never the same. She had many mishaps throughout her life.

What goes around comes around.

Case 2 -The Spiritual Gathering

Some time ago, I learned an important lesson from spirits about recognizing the dark spiritual forces around us and the effects it can have on us. 

The setting was a spiritual gathering, where everyone sat and listened to readings from the Gospel According to Spiritism and prayers.

Once the last prayer was concluded, the medium began to convey a message about faith in God and His spiritual messengers.

One person from the group suddenly interrupted the medium, misinterpreting the medium's words and turning the situation into a personal attack.

The woman's tone of voice, body language, and overall behavior changed drastically within seconds.

The medium asked the woman if she was angry, to which she replied with a firm "no." However, her voice was shaking, her facial muscles were tense, and her leg kept moving uncontrollably. 

One of the members of the group attempted to defuse the situation and calm her down, but the woman ended up lashing out instead.

The medium in charge remained calm, speaking softly as the woman continued displaying unpleasant behavior. The energy in the room was becoming more hostile by the minute.

Finally, the medium closed her eyes and went into a trance. She had incorporated the energy of the negative spirit.
Everyone in the room could feel the negative and unpleasant energy.

We began praying and imploring GOD's spirit messengers to help the spirit see the light.

After much praying, the spirit was able to release some of its anger and come down to a calmer state.

After a while, the spirit was directed to follow the spirits of light and enter the light.

After the entity whose presence left the medium's body, the enraged woman was given a spiritual cleansing with herbs.

After the process was completed, the woman's behavior changed completely, and she became very calm.

The group's unwavering faith was crucial in achieving a successful outcome. If the same situation had occurred in an environment lacking faith, it could have led to a heated argument or worse consequences.

Spirits of light have said that negative spirits feed on our imperfections and weaknesses. Therefore, we need to recognize our imperfections and weaknesses and correct them.

Case 3- Other Incidents of Evil Energies

The following was taken from David St. Clair's book- Drum and Candle.

“One woman killed her two children because she had attended a spiritual session and was told that her children were really demons in disguise and that the only way she would ever find happiness would be to rid herself of them.

"Another woman was horribly burned after being told by a spirit medium that she must walk through fire to be cleaned of the evil eye.

"A man committed murder because a spirit told him that his wife’s cancer was bought about by a neighbor’s curse.”

And, the list goes on.

Impure Mediums

Pix santamuerte

According to spirits of light, some negative spirits pass themselves as spirit guides to deceive us. They are impure spirits who are inclined to evil. They, “give to men perfidious counsels, stir up discord and distrust, and assume every sort of mask in order the more effectually to deceive” (The Spirits’ Book by Allan Kardec).

Negative or impure spirits attach to spirit mediums who possess impure traits. These mediums typically are ego feeders who sell their mediumship abilities for a price, possess seeds of evilness inside them and are insensitive to the suffering of others.

In order to avoid great harm, you should not heed the counsels of these mediums and their spirit guides.

Good Spirits

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1-The Invisible Voices from the Other Side

A woman was driving home after work on a three-lane highway with her car in the left lane.

Suddenly, she heard a voice coming from nowhere, telling her to switch lanes. Though she was confused and thought it could be her mind playing tricks on her, she decided to ignore the incident.

Once again, the voice repeated the same message, "Switch lanes now." This time, the voice was loud and clear. She immediately switched to the far-right lane.

After a minute or two, a massive crash occurred in the lane she had previously driven in. It turned out that a truck driver had lost control and crashed into the vehicle in front, causing destruction and injuries to others.

The woman was grateful and perplexed how a voice from beyond had saved her from being involved in the terrible accident.

She was convinced it was the voice of her guardian spirit. 

2-Facing Desperate Times

A woman was going through a challenging financial situation. She had applied for various jobs but without any success. Feeling desperate and unsure what to do, she had almost given up hope.

One day, her friend invited her to attend a spiritual gathering on a Saturday. Though she agreed to go, she was not expecting anything to happen in regard to his situation. .

On the day of the gathering, they went to the location and joined the session.

After about an hour, a medium instructed her to walk to the front of the room where the other mediums were sitting.

The medium told her that one of her spirit guides wanted to speak to her.

"Your guide wants you to know that they are aware of your prayers and the challenges you have been facing. However, now is the time to move ahead and accomplish your goals, for the doors are beginning to open," she was told.

The mediums began praying for her while one of the medium's spirit guides began doing a spiritual cleansing on her.

She was told that she would receive a letter within a week notifying her that she had been accepted for a job she had applied for some time ago.

Although she felt much lighter after the spiritual cleansing, she doubted the job prediction.

However, a couple of days after the gathering, she received a letter stating that she had been accepted for a city job she had always wanted.

Although she was going through a rough time, her spirit guides were by her side, encouraging her not to get up.


Be aware of the spiritual battle between good and evil that is going on around us. People who are influenced by negative energies are reacting without considering the consequences.

It's essential to understand the spiritual energy surrounding you.  

Remember that the mission of spirits of light is to bring love and sensible advice to all humans. Destruction of self and others is not part of the  Divine plan.

Please use all of your senses to distinguish between good and evil. Do not let malevolent spirits influence your actions or thoughts. Release your imperfections into the universe.

It is essential to surround yourself with the light of God and allow His messengers to protect and guide you into the path of righteousness and enlightenment. Remember, spirit guides will always want the best for you. 

By connecting to our spirit guides, you can better understand the Spirit World.  Also, where you came from and where you are heading.

Remember you are spirit enclosed in a body of flesh. Your true nature is spirit. The flesh dies, but the spirit lives on.

Never prioritize material possessions; they're just tools to use while on Earth. 

After death, all material objects remain on Earth while you move on to the spirit world. 

Life is not perfect. We are not perfect. However, we have the ability to make changes and dismiss some or all the negative energy that surrounds us.

Become one with your spirit guides/spirits of light. 

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