Spiritual Imbalance Damaged Soul

 Spiritual Imbalance Damaged Soul
In Need Of Spiritual Healing

broken and damaged soul

Spiritual Imbalance Damaged Soul

What is a damaged soul? A soul in need of spiritual healing.

What is a soul? An incarnate spirit.

What is the aim of incarnation?

"The incarnation was not initially imposed on the spirits as a punishment. It is rather necessary for the spirits’ improvement and for the fulfillment of God’s works. Everyone has to submit to it, no matter if one takes the evil or the good path. Only those who take the good path will improve quickly, they do not delay to arrive at the end in less painful conditions." (The Spirit Book by Allan Kardec)

The physical body is simply a covering for the incarnate spirit. Therefore, one can surmise that the incarnate spirit is foremost, while the body takes an inferior position.

If it is true that the soul is more important than the physical body, why do we pay more attention to the body, and less to the soul?

Why do we seek physical perfection and neglect the true purpose of the soul?

According to an article written by Dr. Margaret Stream, “Americans spent more than $13 billion on 11.7 million cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures.”

Society is constantly reminding us that we are imperfect individuals. Go to the nearest newsstand and observe the numerous magazines with articles on how to attain the perfect face, body, etc. Television infomercials, ranging from weight loss to anti-aging creams to surgical procedures are continuously bombarding us with their products and promises of a better you. And, the list goes on.

Undoubtedly, many people are obsessed with reaching society’s ideal picture of physical perfection at any cost. However, what happens when the person attains physical perfection? Is he or she truly happy?

In recent times, a change is slowly taking place. Spiritual websites, workshops, seminars, books, etc. are beginning to emerge more. It seems that people are beginning to question the existence of the soul and search for answers.

Although there is nothing wrong with enhancing one's physical appearance, we must never lose sight of the importance of the soul. The body decays, while the soul lives on. It is eternal.

During my travels, I have met people from different walks of life. Some were the ideal picture of physical perfection, while others were far from it. There were people that were spiritual and others that were not. I have learned two things. First, physical perfection does not guarantee happiness. Second, spiritual attunement is the key to physical and spiritual healing.

Many years ago, I met a young woman who was extremely overweight. She was a miserable individual who had few friends. When I questioned someone about her attitude, I was told, “She is just unhappy because she thinks she is fat.”

In time, the woman lost a considerable amount of weight. Although she had reached society’s definition of physical perfection, her disposition remained the same, if not worst. She became the supervisor of her department, and made the lives of those who worked under her unbearable.

Although she was no longer overweight, her negative attitude remained intact. It was obvious that her soul was in a dark place and needed to be rescued.

The goal of incarnate spirits is to reach a higher level of purification. Although some spirits remain in a state of darkness, due to a consequence of numerous infractions committed while in the body, the opportunity to reincarnate, set things right and follow the correct path is available to all.

An incarnate spirit who possesses several imperfections and is in a state of total darkness is considered a damaged soul or spiritually imbalance. The spirit has become a prisoner within itself.

When the incarnate spirit comes into the world, it comes with a clear slate. The accumulation of diverse experiences and the person’s demeanor, while in the body, determine the status of the soul. Being envious, jealous, malicious and apathetic,just to name a few, are signs of a tormented, inferior and/or damaged soul.

It is paramount to shift the tides of negativity to a more positive way of comportment in order for the incarnate spirit to find itself spiritually balanced.

Many individuals attend spiritual gatherings, or places of worship in search of spiritual enlightenment. They listen attentively to messages of spirits or religious representatives. Although the words can open up the door for spiritual understanding,it is the person who needs to make the inner transformation.

One must remember that the process of spiritual enlightenment commences with the individual. The person needs to be truthful and receptive. The person needs to journey deep into the soul and confront the imperfections accumulated in this lifetime as well as past lifetimes. It is vital to confront the issues, accept them, work them out, and release them to the universe.

By doing the above-mentioned, the incarnate spirit begins the process of freeing itself from the clenches of negative energy and move towards spiritual perfection.

Remember, the body dies; however, the soul lives on.

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