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Collection of Spiritual Dreams, Visions and Messages

Spiritual Journaling

Spiritual Journal

My Journal is a written account of my dreams, visions, and spiritual thoughts. Jotting down my memoirs has provided me with a vehicle to explore the various levels of my spirituality. It has helped me to learn more about myself as a spiritual being.

When a dream, vision, or thought comes through, and it is not recorded, it gradually slips away from the conscious mind. By writing down the information, the person can examine the details and reveal the hidden spiritual messages.

One important lesson I have learned is that even though spiritual dreams, visions, or thoughts may not make sense at a given moment, the message will unfold in time. No matter how meaningless you feel a spiritual message is, I strongly recommend writing them down for future reference.

The following is a compilation of my spiritual dreams, visions, and thoughts.

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Spiritual Vision


I am standing in front of a large cross. I look up and see Jesus. I am feeling sad. I lift my hand and touch his feet. Blood begins to drip on my hand. As I stare at the blood on my hand, a man appears next to me. It is Jesus dressed in a white robe. I look up and see Jesus on the cross. I am in the presence of two images of Jesus. I feel peaceful and safe. I want to stay here forever.

Jesus, standing next to me, transmits his thoughts telepathically. He tells me that I must leave and continue my path. I continue to walk away. I feel sad and disappointed. I don't want to go, but I know I must. As I walk away, I look back. I see the two embodiments of Jesus.

The two Jesus represent Earth and Heaven- (Jesus on the cross represents Earth, while Jesus in white robe represents heaven). To move to the spirit realm and enjoy the spiritual peace one is constantly seeking but cannot find on this earth plane, we must first complete our mission on Earth. 

Additionally, the hidden message in this vision is when life on the Earth ends, life continues on the other side.

Dream Journaling

I am standing in front of an enormous house. As I look around, I notice emptiness all around me. There is no terrain, sky, or people near. "What a strange place this is," I say to myself. Although the area is completely desolate, I am not fearful.

After a minute or so, the entrance door opens. I step inside and notice a person wearing a long white garment with a hood. Since the person's body and face are covered, I cannot distinguish whether it is a man or woman.

The inside of the house is enormous and vacant. There are many corridors. Instinctively, I begin to follow the person. I sense the person is a spirit guide. As the guide enters a passage on the left, I follow faithfully. Although the corridor is pitch-black, I see the spirit guide in front of me. I am unafraid.

I hear noises nearby. I reach out to my right and then left. I feel stone walls on both sides. The sounds are coming from the other side of the walls.

Suddenly, my guide stops and points to the left. A glass door appears. I peek inside and see people roaming with blank expressions on their faces.

I feel my guide's thoughts entering my mind. He is communicating telepathically. 

"The people in the room are consumed with self-pity" is the message I receive from the guide. They are prisoners of their wrongful deeds. Furthermore, they have condemned their souls to live for eternity in a state where everything is at a standstill.

Their salvation is in their hands. All they need to do is open the door and liberate their souls. The only factor stopping them from freeing themselves from the shackles of eternity is themselves.

We continue to move forward. This time, the noise is louder and nerve-racking. Again, the guide stops and points. An intense moaning sound is coming from the other side of the wall. I cautiously look inside. A dark and heavy mist makes it difficult to see inside. After a minute or so, the mist begins to clear, and hideous-looking creatures appear. Their faces render signs of pain, affliction, and despair.

The guide depicts them as lost souls who refuse to modify their negative behavior. They continue to play out the same negative behavioral pattern repeatedly. They are entangled in their personal cobweb.

Moving forward and passing several doors, the guide does not stop. We continue until we reach the end of the passage. We enter a bright, large, empty room. On the right side, a door leads to the outside. We walk in the direction of the door. The guide opens the door and bids me farewell. It is my final destination- a world of heavenly beauty, and spiritual peace.

Dream Interpretation

pixdreams2Spiritual Dream

The dream symbolizes the cycle that spirits pass through. 

Being in a space of nothingness can represent the feeling of being in the womb. 

Standing in front of an empty house signifies the soul waiting to enter the physical world. 

When the doors open, a soul, in physical form, enters the physical world- birth. 

The guide is the spirit guide, or guardian angel, who accompanies us from the beginning to the end of our journey. 

The corridors with different rooms symbolize the various paths we can take during our lifetime.

At the end of the corridor lies the final room, symbolizing the arrival of our spirit to the spirit world, which marks the detachment of our spirit from the physical body upon death.

As humans, we are free to choose the path we want to follow. It is called free will.

However, the path we choose may sometimes lead us to undesirable situations or roadblocks.

The lesson we can learn from this is that as spiritual beings, we come into this world with a mission to purify our souls. Each time we come into this world, we choose a different path to reach our ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment. However, sometimes, we may lose our way and become trapped by our actions, preventing us from reaching our true purpose.

You will come across many paths or corridors with roadblocks on your journey. It is essential to find ways to overcome them.

During your journey, you will encounter various paths or corridors blocked by obstacles.

It is crucial to find ways to overcome them. You must let go of any self-imposed limitations and keep moving towards the Divine light.

If you give up and become weak, you will become a prisoner and remain stagnant, making it even more challenging to reach the Divine Light.

Spiritual Thoughts

pixmindOpening to the Spiritual Mind

Mediumship -

I never came across any literature where Jesus instructed his disciples to go to the masses and charge 20 pieces of gold to heal the sick, 40 pieces of gold to cleanse the lepers, 60 pieces of gold to cast out devils, and to raise the dead take everything.

Instead, Jesus told his twelve disciples, “.Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out devils. You received without cost; give without charge” (Matthew 10:5-10). 

Are mediums better than Jesus' disciples, or were Jesus' words meaningless? What gives mediums the right to turn something spiritual and divine into a business?

Besides self-doubt and ego, greed is the medium's worst enemy. Greed leads the medium into a different path, helping them forget their true spiritual role-instruments of spirits of light. Mediums must recognize these issues and release them whenever they appear.

Spiritual Inspirational Sayings

1) The world is a stage, and we are the actors. When the performance is over, we leave everything behind and go to our spiritual home.

Remember, we are here for a short period. Some of us will remain here for a more extended period than others. Nevertheless, our time is limited. When it is time for us to leave, we step out of the body and commence our journey back home. All possessions and wealth accumulated during our stay here on earth remain here on earth. The only thing we take with us is our spiritual deeds.

2) We are all aliens to this planet. You are given a birth certificate-entry visa when you come into the world.  When you die, you are given a death certificate-exit visa. We are all passing through.

3) Greed takes you nowhere; Generosity takes you far.

4) The world is a learning institution. Listen and learn.

5) "Jesus did not always have a place to lay his head, but he always had a place to pray."......Tyler Perry

6) Faith in God is everything. Pray, and your request will be answered. It may not be the way you want it and/or when you want it. Remember, you know what you want, but God knows what you need and when you need it.

7) Our lives are like a jigsaw puzzle. God has already seen the outcome as we struggle to put the pieces together.  Let Him assist you in finding the missing pieces that you are seeking desperately.

8) Shirley, an excellent spiritual medium, told me a profound story. A man died and went to heaven. There he encountered Peter. As they moved along, the man noticed a room filled with gifts. When he questioned Peter about the gifts, Peter told him that they were gifts that God had for his children, which they forgot to ask for.

The gist of the story asks, and it will be given. God is merciful.

9) Yesterday is gone. Today is a new day and a new beginning. Whatever you did yesterday that was imprudent, you can fix it today.

10) While you are brooding over past events, your present is passing you by.

11) Did you forget to look up to the heavens, say hello to God, and thank him for your many blessings? Did you pass a homeless person and pretend as if he or she did not exist? Were you uncaring for the suffering or pain of others? Did you forget to say I love you to those dear to you? Did you criticize someone's religion or spiritual beliefs just because they differed from yours? Did you judge an individual because of his or her skin color rather than the goodness of his heart? Were you so full of anger that nothing else was important?

If you are guilty of any of the above, God has given you another day to amend your mistakes. The primary purpose of coming here is to cleanse our souls. By doing so, we can move towards spiritual enlightenment.

We need to break away from the poisonous cycle and free ourselves. Step out of the darkness and enter the light. God is waiting for us.

12) Some people have experienced horrendous situations during their childhood. In many cases, they continue to relive the memory repeatedly. They become prisoners of their past. As others from their past move on in life, they remain at a standstill. If they manage to move forward a step or two, the demons of their past resurface, pulling them back. Their inner demons control their behavior towards themselves and others. The only way to survive and free oneself from such demons is to step out of the past and enter the present.

Some people are quick to say, "It is easier said than done. It is difficult to forget." Nothing in life is unachievable. It is not about forgetting but forgiving and permitting yourself to let go. You possess the key to the cell in which you are a prisoner. All you need to do is unlock the door and set yourself free. It is the first step. After that, it becomes easier to heal your inner child.

Turn the negative into a positive. By helping yourself, you can help others who are facing or have faced similar feelings and experiences. God has chosen you to heal some of the wounds of the world.

13) I want to be known as a person of good rather than a person of power and greed

14) There are no guarantees in life. So, enjoy what you have now.

15) Jesus came, He witnessed, and He cried.

16) The Lord has shown us the way. Let us follow.

17) There is no salvation without love.

18) The love and connection people feel deep inside for humanity helps them connect and transcend more spiritually.

19) To fly like a butterfly, one must believe in oneself and God.

19) God is the wind that pushes us forward. So stop fighting the force of the wind, and allow it to take you where you need to be.

20) "Dead we are when in the material body, and alive when we cast it off" (Obsession by Divaldo Franco).

21) "Stop knocking on the door: you're already inside! -Richard Roh

22) Establish a relationship with the angels that surround you.

23) Go deep inside yourself and get a sense of who you really are.

24) Pay attention to the sign your spirit guide gives you.

25) Prayer is a powerful tool.

Inspirational Messages from Spirits

  1. Many individuals negate the existence of spirit, only to reach the other side and discover that we are all spirits.
  2. The Earth's atmosphere has been affected by negative energies, leading humans into a downward spiral. Respect and love for your fellow beings are slowly diminishing, and catastrophes are becoming frequent.  Humanity must unite as one to combat these negative energies that are suffocating humans.  Only then can humans rediscover their true essence and live in harmony.  It is important to teach the children to love and respect each other as your future depends on them. Where love exists, negative energy cannot thrive.
  3. You cannot undo past events or behaviors. However, you can learn from them and do good.
  4. In order for a precious gem to truly shine and reveal its beauty, it must first be extracted from the dirt and thoroughly cleaned. Similarly, to let your true self shine, you must remove negative thoughts and emotions. Although it may be a difficult and lengthy process, the results are priceless.
  5. Not everything you see is real. It is mainly an illusion which can vanish in a blink of an eye. The only absolute reality is spirit. It is eternal. It is essential to keep it pure and in God’s light. 


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