My Spiritual Journal 
Collection of Spiritual Dreams, Visions and Messages

My Spiritual Journal

My Spiritual Journal is a written account of my dreams, visions, and spiritual thoughts. Jotting down my memoirs has provided me with a vehicle to explore the various levels of my spirituality. It has helped me to learn more about myself as a spiritual being.

When a dream, vision, or thought comes through, and it is not recorded, it gradually slips away from the conscious mind. By writing down the information, the person can examine the details and reveal the hidden spiritual messages.

One important lesson I have learned is that even though spiritual dreams, visions, or thoughts may not make sense at a given moment, the message will unfold in time. No matter how meaningless you feel a spiritual message is, I strongly recommend writing them down for future reference.

The following is a compilation of my spiritual dreams, visions, and thoughts.


 I am standing in front of an enormous house. As I look around, I notice emptiness all around me. There is no terrain, sky, or people near. "What a strange place this is," I say to myself. Although the area is completely desolate, I am not fearful.

After a minute or so, the entrance door opens. I step inside and notice a person wearing a long white garment with a hood. Since the person's body and face are covered, I cannot distinguish whether it is a man or woman.

The inside of the house is enormous and vacant. There are many corridors. Instinctively, I begin to follow the person. I sense the person is a spirit guide. As the guide enters a passage on the left, I follow faithfully. Although the corridor is pitch-black, I see the spirit guide in front of me. I am unafraid.

I hear noises nearby. I reach out to my right and then left. I feel stone walls on both sides. The sounds are coming from the other side of the walls.

Suddenly, my guide stops and points to the left. A glass door appears. I peek inside and see people roaming with blank expressions on their faces.

I feel my guide's thoughts entering my mind. He is communicating telepathically. 

"The people in the room are consumed with self-pity" is the message I receive from the guide. They are prisoners of their wrongful deeds. Furthermore, they have condemned their souls to live for eternity in a state where everything is at a standstill.

Their salvation is in their hands. All they need to do is open the door and liberate their souls. The only factor stopping them from freeing themselves from the shackles of eternity is themselves.

We continue to move forward. This time, the noise is louder and nerve-racking. Again, the guide stops and points. An intense moaning sound is coming from the other side of the wall. I cautiously look inside. A dark and heavy mist makes it difficult to see inside. After a minute or so, the mist begins to clear, and hideous-looking creatures appear. Their faces render signs of pain, affliction, and despair.

The guide depicts them as lost souls who refuse to modify their negative behavior. They continue to play out the same negative behavioral pattern repeatedly. They are entangled in their personal cobweb.

Moving forward and passing several doors, the guide does not stop. We continue until we reach the end of the passage. We enter a bright, large, empty room. On the right side, a door leads to the outside. We walk in the direction of the door. The guide opens the door and bids me farewell. It is my final destination- a world of heavenly beauty, and spiritual peace.

Interpretation: The dream represents the cycle that spirits go through. Standing in front of a house with emptiness all around means the soul inside the unborn child. The soul remains in darkness until its arrival into the physical world. Entering the house represents the incarnate spirit, in physical form, coming into the world. The guide is our spirit guide or guardian angel who is with us from the beginning to the end. The corridors correspond to the various paths that are available to us. And the room at the end of the corridor is the spirit's arrival to the spirit world.

Since we have free will, we select the path we want to follow. The corridor that I was shown consisted of many undesirable rooms- roadblocks.

The lesson here is the following. As spirits, we come into the world to complete a mission. Our goal is to purify our souls. Each time we enter the earth plane, we select a different path to reach our desired goal-a destination towards spiritual enlightenment. However, some of us get lost along the way. We become prisoners of our deeds, preventing us from moving forward and reaching our true purpose.

While on Earth, you will face many corridors or paths which contain roadblocks. You will need to find ways of overcoming them. You need to free yourself from self-imposed bondage and continue on the path towards the Divine light. If you become weak and surrender, you become prisoners and remain at a standstill, making it difficult to reach the Divine Light. 

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I am standing in front of a large cross. I look up and see Jesus. I am feeling sad. I lift my hand and touch his feet. Blood begins to drip on my hand. As I stare at the blood on my hand, a man appears next to me. It is Jesus dressed in a white robe. I look up and see Jesus on the cross. I am in the presence of two images of Jesus. I feel peaceful and safe. I want to stay here forever.

Jesus, standing next to me, transmits his thoughts telepathically. He tells me that I must leave and continue my path. I continue to walk away. I feel sad and disappointed. I don't want to go, but I know I must. As I walk away, I look back. I see the two embodiments of Jesus.

The two Jesus represent Earth and Heaven- (Jesus on the cross represents Earth, while Jesus in white robe represents heaven). To move to the spirit realm and enjoy the spiritual peace one is constantly seeking but cannot find on this earth plane, we must first complete our mission on Earth. 

Additionally, the hidden message in this vision is when life on the Earth ends, life continues on the other side.

Spiritual Thought

On Mediumship - I never came across any literature where Jesus instructed his disciples to go to the masses and charge 20 pieces of gold to heal the sick, 40 pieces of gold to cleanse the lepers, 60 pieces of gold to cast out devils, and to raise the dead take everything.

Instead, Jesus told his twelve disciples, “.Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out devils. You received without cost; give without charge” (Matthew 10:5-10). 

Are mediums better than Jesus' disciples, or were Jesus' words meaningless? What gives mediums the right to turn something spiritual and divine into a business?

Besides self-doubt and ego, greed is the medium's worst enemy. Greed leads the medium into a different path, helping them forget their true spiritual role-instruments of spirits of light. Mediums must recognize these issues and release them whenever they appear.


My Spiritual Journal

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