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Best New Age Spiritual Books
inspired by spirits of light

Best new age spiritual books are inspired by spirits and contain tales and messages of love.

They serve as a reminder of one of Jesus' teachings - "Love one another."

Reading books can be a great source of spiritual inspiration. Consider embarking on a spiritual journey by delving into some literature on the subject. 

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Spiritual Messages and Paintings
Inspired by Spirits of Light

spiritual book


Coming Out of The Darkness

release darkness

Have you ever found yourself sinking into an abyss of darkness without hope of being rescued?

Have you felt as if your painful situation were endless?

Have you experienced loneliness and despair while battling internal or external demons?  

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you know how physically and mentally painful those situations can be.

During devastating moments, hope no longer exists, while desperation is in full force.

People, when encountering dark times, feel an immense sense of hopelessness. Some even have suicidal thoughts.

The sensation is so intense that many feel like they are sinking deeper into the dark waters of anguish.

Instead of fighting to regain control, they surrender to the darkness.

As the person's condition begins to intensify, the self begins the process of disintegrating.

The person who was once whole and robust is now shattered and vulnerable. Self-pity, low self-esteem, depression, and loneliness become the person's new companions.

Questions such as, "Why is this happening to me?... What have I done?" or "Why has GOD abandoned me?" begin infiltrating the mind.

Although the questions continue to mount, the solutions remain far from the person's reach. They feel there is no exit in sight or end to their suffering.

However, nothing in life will last forever. With every problem, there is a solution. The person needs faith and patience.

-End of Sample.

Letting Go


Numerous individuals have encountered horrendous events during their childhood as well as adulthood.

Many continue to hold on to the past, reliving the memories repeatedly. They have become prisoners of their past, remaining stuck or at a standstill.

If they manage to move forward a step or two, the past resurfaces, pulling them back.

There are two things a person should know before commencing the process of letting go.

First, they need to understand why they continue to hold on to the past.

Secondly, what are they gaining (spiritually, mentally, and physically) by holding on to past traumatic events?

Attaining some degree of self realization and insight into these two issues will help to let go and move forward.

The process is about understanding, letting go of the past, reclaiming your power, and becoming whole again.

Never give up on yourself. There is absolute salvation for you.

There is no need to continue enduring painful memories of the past.

You possess the key to releasing yourself from the shackles that keep you rooted in the past. All you need to do is open it and set yourself free.

-End of Sample.



The world is full of angry individuals who do not know why they are angry. They attack without any reason.

They are puppets being manipulated by the negative energy around them.

Do not enter these people's madness. Pray for them, so they may find and walk in the light.

Have you ever experienced immense anger, rage, or hate?

Do you recall how you felt?

Did you go into a frenzy, ready to attack everything or anyone who got in the way?

Did everything around you cease to exist except the object you were upset with?

Whenever you lose control and enter a moment of transitory insanity, you are causing a detrimental effect on your well-being.

During these episodes, the portal to darkness opens up.

As you enter the darkness,  where seedy spirits reside, your rational mind is no longer operating. You become one with the vile energy surrounding you. 

Every time you become enraged, spirits of darkness rush to your side. They begin to cheer and encourage you.

Also, they attempt to intensify the situation by pushing you further into obscurity.

-End of Sample

Spiritual Tales
inspired by spirit 

Spiritual Tales Book

The book "Spiritual Tales" is full of inspiring stories. It's an exciting, engaging, and easy-to-read short stories book that will capture the reader's imagination.

Take a trip to the dawn of time and witness the incredible personal transformation of Lucifer from a heavenly being to a malevolent creature. Plus, his encounter with the Father of all the Universe. 

Step into the battlefield where Lucifer and Michael engage in a fierce battle to the end.

Walk alongside Mary and feel the heart-wrenching emotional pain of a mother as she follows Jesus through the streets of Jerusalem and up the hill of Golgotha.

Follow the story of Lucy, who is tormented by an obsessed spirit from past lives.

And, much more.

The book was written with the guidance of spirits of light.

I hope that the readers will find this book enjoyable.


The Final Battle Between Good and Evil


"My son, why do you continue to rebel against me? I have seen all you have done and where this is going.

From the beginning of your banishment from the Kingdom, you have worked diligently to devise ways to hurt me.

You deluded two innocent creatures into believing you were one of my messengers and eventually convincing them to eat from the forbidden tree.

You turned brother against brother, and for the first time, taught man how to kill.

With your guidance, you instilled in men the seeds of greed, bigotry, tyranny, selfishness, and destruction.

You placed men as rulers of nations to do your bidding, causing mayhem around the globe.

You even desecrated my houses of worship by commanding your disciples to commit horrible acts on my children.

You have also created religious extremists, corrupting their minds and convincing them to kill their brothers in my name, promising them divine rewards in the afterlife. And the list goes on.

I am aware of all your malicious acts. Now, you are planning the ultimate destruction -to exterminate everyone on this planet.

You have gone too far. "Please, stop this madness.

You are my son, and I love you very much. Don't you realize that trying to hurt me is hurting yourself? You are a part of me," God said.

Lucifer, with much fury and poisonous rage, verbally lashed out defiantly. His words were full of malice and bitterness.

"I am no longer Lucifer or your son. The Lucifer you once knew does not exist.

My name is Satan.

You once said this was my Kingdom, and so it is. I am God, king, and master here. I bow to no one. These creatures bow to me.

-End of Sample

What Goes Around Comes Around

what goes around

Tom was like a tiger waiting to ambush and go for the kill. Farid was the perfect prey for his sadistic gratification.

Soon, he began teasing and mocking Farid. A day did not go by without Tom and his friends bullying Farid.

The everyday life stress caused Farid's grades to drop drastically.

"Hey, camel riding, dumb-ass. Why are you still here? Take your stinking ass back to the hellhole you came from. We don't want your kind here," Tom shouted, as Farid was opening his locker to get his books. 

Everyone who heard the statement started laughing.

Farid endured the harsh insults silently. He lowered his head and, with tears in his eyes, walked away.

The harassment continued, some days stronger than others.

Farid never defended himself against his attackers. He did not know how. He felt hopeless and alone.

One day, the class was chatting and fooling around.

The homeroom teacher had not arrived. Farid was also missing.

A few minutes later, the teacher walked in and directed the students to take their seats. 

"Today is a sad day. One of our students will no longer be among us. Farid died yesterday. He committed suicide.

"The school counselor will be visiting the classroom to assist with any feelings you may have about this matter," the teacher said.

The students looked at each other in disbelief. Some had tears in their eyes.

Tom, who appeared indifferent, looked at his friend sitting next to him and whispered, "He took my advice and went to hell."

His friend chuckled.

-End of Sample

The Promise


While chatting in the living room, Liz asked Claire if she could use the bathroom.

"Of course. It is down the hall and to the left," Claire said.

As Liz headed to the bathroom, she experienced a sudden chill going down her spine and goosebumps all over her body.

After going to the bathroom, she went back to the living room and sat down without uttering a word of her encounter.

Liz was a spiritual medium who knew precisely what she had experienced. However, she was not sure if Claire was a believer.

Instead, she decided to keep the experience to herself and discuss it later with Naomi.

When it was time to leave, they said their farewells and headed to their respective cars.

Naomi had agreed to pick up and take Liz home since her car was in the shop for repairs.

"Naomi, does your friend believe in spirits?" Liz asked.

"No, she used to tease me about my spiritual beliefs when we were in college. Why?" Naomi asked curiously.

"When I went to the bathroom, I got goosebumps all over my body and a chill down my spine. It was definitely not good energy."

"Wow, she never mentioned feeling or experiencing anything odd in the house, but I am going to keep my eyes open to see what happens. Thank you, Liz."

Naomi and Liz said their farewells as Liz exited the car.

-End of Sample

Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey Book

The book "Spiritual Journey" (the first book) contains inspiring spiritual stories and was written with guidance from spirits of light. It is a collection of the author's personal stories and captivating experiences as she embarks on journeys to far-off lands to learn about spirituality, God, the self, and more.

Since she was very young, she has had the ability to communicate with spirits. She would often see and sense things that others couldn't.

As a young child, she attended her first spiritual gathering and unlike other kids who got bored or didn't understand, she was fully engrossed and awake, enjoying every moment.

The prayers, readings from Allan Kardec books, and the mediums' devotion to God and compassion for others captivated her.

Despite not fully comprehending it, she felt a desire to learn more.

As she grew older, she embarked on a journey to different parts of the  world to discover her spiritual identity.

It wasn't a conscious choice, but rather a spiritual calling that she believed was, and still is, her destiny.


The book aims to inspire individuals to explore their spiritual capabilities and purpose in daily life too.

It is crucial to note that the work cannot be done for you; one must take responsibility and put in the effort oneself.

There are numerous paths that can lead you to the GOD.

The crucial step is to determine which path is most suitable for you.

Following your spiritual path will not give you fame and glory. However, it will give you spiritual growth and inner happiness. 

Spiritual seekers, search and you will eventually find the spiritual truth you have been searching for. 


Umbanda- An Afro-Brazilian Religion and Experience

orisha 1

The drummer began beating a drum at a slow pace, but quickly gained momentum with every beat.

The group began dancing and singing. Their songs were a calling to the spirits and prayers to God for His Divine blessings.

The energy in the room was palpable. The drumming and singing continued to charge the room.

Sitting back and witnessing the situation from afar was not an option. The sound of the music and singing was something that one could not resist.

My companion and I got up and began moving to the sound of the drum, allowing our hearts to beat in unison with the drum. 

The dancing and singing continued, in full force.

Soon, many of the dancers began to shiver and wobble. Spirits were beginning to take over their bodies.

Most of the dancers went into a trance. They were no longer in control of their bodies.

I was so engrossed in watching the transformation that I forgot to inquire as to the nature of the energy..."

-End of Sample

Ancient Egypt –Reaching Out to the Past


Our host/channeler started the session with a brief prayer.

Soon after that, his mannerisms and voice began to change. He was possessed by a spirit.

“Good evening to all,” he said in a jovial tone.

It was a spirit guide of one of the individuals from the group.

He spoke, giving a few messages to the woman. She appeared extremely pleased, writing down all the messages.

For about an hour and a half, the process remained the same. Each person received messages from spirits and carefully wrote them down.

Although I was not expecting anything, I could not stop feeling like the forgotten child who did not receive any Christmas gifts, but had to sit and watch others enjoy their presents.

 As the session was reaching its final stage, the channeler began speaking in a soft and gentle voice.

When I heard the voice, my heart started beating faster, and my eyes teared up. I wanted to cry.

Even though the spirit had not identified the person he was speaking to, there was something familiar about the energy.

My incarnate spirit knew who it was.

-End of Sample.

Lily Dale
A Spiritualist Community

lily dale

My first night at the Maple Hotel was a bit frightening.

I met a woman who said she was a frequent visitor. She wanted to know what floor my room was on.

When I told her, she said, “Okay, that’s not so bad.”

"What do you mean by not so bad?" I responded quickly.

“It’s the second floor you need to stay away from. There is too much spirit activity up there. The first time I came here, they gave me a room on the second floor and I could not sleep because of all the spirit energy in the room. I ran downstairs and requested another room. I did not go up to the room to get my belongings until the following day,” she said. 

Furthermore, she stated, “Another man was given a room on the second floor. When he went to his room, he saw a little girl sitting on the bed. He quickly went downstairs and told the woman at the desk that the room was occupied. The receptionist looked at the guest book and said there was no one assigned to that room. In fact, no little girl was staying in the hotel. The man insisted on having another room on a different floor.”

Other guests, who had joined us, confirmed the story.

-End of Sample

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