Best New Age Spiritual Books
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Best New Age Spiritual Books

These new age spiritual books, inspired by spirits, contain spiritual tales and messages of love. It is a reminder of one of Jesus' teachings- "Love one another."  

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 Best New Age Spiritual Books
inspired by spirits

Best New Age Spiritual Books
Spiritual Messages and Paintings

Best New Age Spiritual Books

One cannot give what one does not have. One cannot teach what one has not learned. One cannot tell others to forgive when one has not forgiven others. One cannot tell others to love when one continues to walk and ignore the suffering of others.



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Spiritual tales book contains inspirational spiritual stories. It is a riveting, action-pack, vivid and highly readable adventure that will captivate the readers’ attention. Journey to the beginning of time and witness Lucifer’s amazing transformation from an angelic being to a diabolical creature; enter the battlefield where Lucifer and Michael confront each other in a devastating fight to the end; walk by the side of Mary and  experience the painful and emotional anguish of a mother  as she follows Jesus down the streets of Jerusalem and up the hill of Golgotha; follow the story of Lucy who is plagued by an obsessed discarnate spirit from a previous incarnation; listen to the agonizing confession of a suicide victim who thought he would stop his suffering and enter paradise, but instead ended in an abyss of darkness; heed to a message from God as He reveal His disappointment and love for His children; and much more.

If you love inspirational and thought provoking stories, you will enjoy this book.  Don’t wait any longer and purchase this book. Join the adventure and see the characters come to life today. In addition, enjoy artwork created by the author that gives more life and meaning  to each story.


Taken from Spiritual Tales, Chapter 8- What Goes Around Comes Around

"I couldn’t face another day of being persecuted. I wanted to escape or run away. My only option was to end my suffering by committing suicide. I pretended to be sick and waited for everyone to leave the house.  I grabbed a telephone cord, stood on a chair, firmly tied one end of the cord around my neck, attached the other end to a ceiling fan and kicked the chair away. Since I was very thin, my weight did not affect the stability of the fan. It took a few minutes before my body shut down. It was an agonizing horrible death.  

“I always read and believed that when a person died, he or she would go to heaven and live in paradise. All emotional anguish and pain would be left behind. You would get a clean slate and live happily ever after. However, the fact of the matter was another reality.  Instead of entering a heavenly realm, I ended in an abyss of darkness..."



Spiritual Journey contains spiritual inspirational stories. It is a fascinated account of the author's experiences as she travels to distant lands in search of spiritual knowledge about God, spirit  and self. From a very young age, she began communicating with spirits.  She began seeing and sensing things others did not see or feel. She attended her first spiritual gathering when she was a very young child. When other children were falling asleep due to boredom or lack of understanding, she was wide awake savoring every moment. She was enthralled by the prayers, readings from Allan Kardec books and the mediums'  love for God, spirits and compassion for their fellowman. Although she understood very little, there was part of her that wanted to learn more.  When she was old enough, she started traveling around the world searching for her spiritual identity.  It was not a conscious decision; it was more like a spiritual pull. She believed it was, and still is, part of her destiny. 


Taken from My Spiritual Journey, Chapter 8-Umbanda- Afro-Brazilian Religion

The drummer began beating a drum at a slow pace, but quickly gained momentum with every beat. The group began dancing and singing. Their songs were a calling to the spirits and prayers to God for His Divine blessings.
The energy in the room was palpable. The drumming and singing continued to charge the room. Sitting back and witnessing the situation from afar was not an option. The sound of the music and singing was something that one could not resist. My companion and I got up and began moving to the sound of the drum, allowing our hearts to beat in unison with the drum. 
The dancing and singing continued, in full force. Soon, many of the dancers began to shiver and wobble. Spirits were beginning to take over their bodies. Most of the dancers went into a trance. They were no longer in control of their bodies. I was so engrossed in watching the transformation that I forgot to inquire as to the nature of the energy..."


This book is intended for people who are searching for information on spiritual healing, spiritual centers, shamanic ceremony, spiritualist community and much more.  

The author’s mission is to help people develop a clear understanding of the spirit world, and explore their inner spiritual abilities. There are many paths that can lead you to God. The key is to decide which path is best for you.

Some of the characters from Spiritual Tales. This inspirational soulful book contains many spiritual stories.

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This new age spiritual book will contain inspirational spiritual tales and artwork.

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