Lady of Guadalupe
The Most Famous Spiritual Painting

The most famous spiritual painting is the Lady of Guadalupe. The painting was created by divine spirit intervention- the hand of GOD.

According to Wikipedia, on December 9, 1531, Juan Diego, a humble Indian peasant, reported seeing the Virgin Mary at the Tepeyac hill. He described hearing music, someone calling his name and smelling a sweet aroma in the air. As he approached the area where the voice was coming from, he saw a beautiful young woman. She told him that she was the Virgin Mary, and asked him to deliver a message to the Bishop. She wanted the Bishop to build a house of worship on the Tepeyac.

When Diego arrived to see the Spanish Bishop, Fray Juan de Zumarraga, he was directed to sit and wait. After waiting an extremely long time, he was finally allowed to enter the Bishop's office. When asked for the purpose of his visit, Diego related the message exactly as it was given to him. Being a simple, uneducated man, the Bishop did not believe him. He was immediately dismissed.

When Diego went back to the Tepeyac hill, where he had first seen the Virgin Mary, she was there waiting for him. After telling her what had transpired, he begged her to send someone of a higher standard. He believed that he was too simple and insignificant for anyone to pay him any mind. She insisted that he deliver her message and no one else.

Once again, Diego went back and spoke to the Bishop. This time, the Bishop asked him to tell the lady to perform a miracle as a sign of her Divinity.

Diego quickly went to the Tepeyac hill and related the Bishop's request. She agreed and instructed him to return the next day.

The next day, Diego did not go to the Tepeyac hill to visit the lady. Since his uncle was extremely ill, he felt that he needed to be by his uncle's side and attend to his needs.

A day later, convinced that his uncle was near death, Diego set out to find a priest. Trying to avoid the lady, he decided to take another path.

Suddenly, the lady appeared. Embarrassed by his behavior, Diego began to tell her about his uncle's condition. She assured him that his uncle was well.


She asked him to go up the hill and gather some flowers. Diego was amazed to see such beautiful flowers, since it was winter and not the season for flowers to bloom. He gathered the flowers and carefully placed them inside his tilma-an outer garment, similar to a long apron, worn by Aztec men and people of central Mexico. When he had finished gathering the flowers, he went back to the lady. She took the flowers and then placed them back inside his tilma. She instructed him to see the Bishop and show him the flowers.

Once again, Diego waited patiently to see the Bishop. When he was called upon, he related the entire story. When the Bishop asked him to display what he was carrying inside his tilma, he let go of the tilma. To everyone's amazement, the flowers fell on the floor, and on the white fabric of the tilma was the image of the Virgin Mary.

I believe that spiritual paintings have a meaningful purpose. It is a way of telling us that we are not alone. In a world where the future looks so bleak, it is good to know that divine spirits surrounds us.

For those who do not believe in spiritual paintings created by spirit, such as the one mentioned above- Lady of Guadalupe, no words are possible.

For those who believe that everything is possible in this world, no words are necessary. I salute you for having an open mind.

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End- Lady of Guadalupe

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