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Psychic Medium

"Mediumship is the claimed ability of a person (the medium) to experience contact with spirits... The role of the medium is to facilitate communication with spirits who have messages to share with non-mediums" (Wikipedia).

Mediums are, "like trees destined to supply spiritual food to their brothers. They are to be found everywhere, in every country, in all social levels, among the rich and the poor alike, among the great and the humble... so that they will not be missed anywhere in order to demonstrate to mankind that everybody is called" (The Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter 19 -Item Number 10).

Spiritual Mediumship is a gift bestowed upon us by God. It is the ability to connect with spirits and voice their messages. It is the medium’s responsibility to accept and develop this gift. The medium cannot abuse it, or use it for his or her personal gain.

If the medium uses this gift for monetary gain or other selfish reason(s), he or she will eventually have to face the consequences of his/her actions.

“Mediumship is a sacred thing which must be practiced in a sacred and religious manner. To exploit mediumship would then be unfair because you would be deceiving the one who is paying; also, a medium does not get the information from herself but from the souls of dead people and the medium is putting a price on what the spirits are saying. Jesus and the apostles, although poor, did not make anyone pay for the cures they made” (The Gospel According to Allan Kardec).

Furthermore, it is “... a blessing. But if neglected, it becomes a source of Darkness and constant misfortune, ending up by overcoming the imprudent host who disrespects it. If rejected, it may turn into an open door to many forms of alienation and physical diseases of difficult diagnosis…” (Obsession by Divaldo Franco, p.143).

Spirits of light will gradually detach from the medium who abuses or uses the gift of spiritual mediumship to attain monetary gain or do harm to others. They will inform the medium of their displeasure, and provide the medium with the opportunity to amend his/her ways.

If the medium's demeanor remains unchanged, the spirits of light will withdraw leaving the medium open to dark entities.

Ms. S. was a powerful medium in her country. People from other towns came to her to attain advice and healing from her spirit guides. She kept her mediumship clean, in accordance to Spirits’ teaching and never charged a cent for spirits’ work.

She was very fortunate. She had married a hard-working man and had three beautiful and healthy children. She never lacked anything. In fact, she had more than enough.

Some time later, the family decided to migrate to this country. They settled in New York City. Things were going well for the family. She and her husband were working, and the children were doing well in school. Once a week, she devoted her time and energy to her spirit guides. As before, people began reaching out to her spirit guides. Again, no money was exchanged.

A few years later, they saved enough money to purchase a home. She had ample space to hold spiritual gatherings and private consultations.

In time, she became well known for her spiritual abilities. People, close to her, began advising her to charge for the spiritual consultations as well as gatherings. Soon, a homemade poster with prices was taped to the wall near the entrance of the basement.

From time to time, her spirit guides would come through and express their displeasure. She had deviated from the teachings of Jesus and converted her mediumship into a business. The warnings went into one ear and out the other. Ego and greed had taken over.

Her spirit guides were not just warning her. They were giving her the opportunity to correct her ways. Instead, she refused to pay heed and continued charging.

Then, one day, everything stopped. She was no longer working with spirits of light. Instead, she became the instrument or puppet of malicious dark entities.

Soon afterward, her health began to deteriorate; her husband began drinking and lost his job; her oldest daughter became mentally ill and was institutionalized; her son was shot and killed; and the youngest daughter developed serious behavioral issues.

Things continued to go downhill. By now, her spirit guides stopped communicating with her, and people stopped coming. She was all alone. The basement where many people gathered for spiritual gatherings and consultations was completely empty. The positive spirit energy that roamed the area was no longer there. What remained was the worn-out poster with faded prices. It was a constant reminder of her downfall.

The rewards of a good medium are not monetary. They are inner peace, harmony and spiritual enlightenment. For some people the rewards are not much; for others, they are plentiful.

The Story of the Greedy Man

One day, God appeared to a poor man who was sleeping on the road. The man woke up startled when he saw God standing near him. Although the man did not know that it was God, he felt that the man was a divine being.

“James, my son, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to attend to my land. I will be going on a far away journey and do not know when I will be back,” God said.

“How do you know my name?” James asked. “I know everything,” God replied. Not knowing if God was serious or joking, James chuckled and said, “Okay.”

When God took him to the designated land, the man was enthralled by the immensity and abundance of the land. By now, he was convinced that it was not a joke, and accepted gladly the position that was bestowed upon him by God.

Many years passed without any word from God. James was convinced that God was never going to appear. He went from being the caretaker to owner. Whenever he contemplated the richness of the land, he would whisper to himself, “This is all mine... mine... mine.” He continued to enjoy the land without sharing it with anyone.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and James was standing in his front porch gazing at the richness of the land. Suddenly, a man appeared. He was filthy and emaciated. Not far from where he was standing, he could see a woman and some children.

“Sir, we have been traveling for many days without food and water. We noticed this land of plenty, and wanted to know if we can take some water from your well and fruits from your trees,” the man said meekly.

Looking at him with disgust and disdain, James began to yell at the man. “Enough, disgusting, filthy dog. Get off my property now, and never come back again. If I see you here again, it will be your last day on earth!”

Hurt and humiliated, the family walked away.

Several years had gone by, and a severe drought condition had taken over the region. Everything in the region had dried up. Unable to survive in that condition, James was forced to abandon the land.

James walked for many days without water and food. In addition, he was dirty and foul smelling. As he continued to walk, he felt his body getting weaker and weaker. He felt that without water or food, he would not last a day longer.

Stopping to rest, he noticed a house not far from where he was standing. His prayers were answered- a place to seek shelter. As he approached the house, he saw many beautiful fruit trees and much more. It was a land of much richness similar to the one he once possessed.

He knocked on the door, hoping for a generous person to come to his aid. James was stupefied when he saw the man who opened the door. It was the same man he had kicked out of his land a few years back. Feeling tremendous embarrassment, James backed away.

“Welcome, my brother. Come inside for you are tired and hungry. Here you will find food and shelter. There is plenty for all of us,” said the man.

With tears in his eyes, James said, "Please, forgive me." The man smiled, placed his arm around James' shoulder and took him inside.

Whether it is earthly riches or spiritual mediumship, use it wisely. In the same breath that God gives us material and spiritual riches, he can take it all away.

If you are blessed with spiritual mediumship, share it with others without placing conditions or a price tag.

Remember, what you give is what you receive.

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