Brazil Spiritual Healer

Brazil Spiritual Healer
Psychic Surgery Performed by Spirits

brazil spiritual healer

Brazil Spiritual Healer

While visiting Brazil, I attended a spiritual clinic run by a spiritual medium named Valentin. The clinic is well-known for its spiritual surgeries. All treatments are free.

On the day of our visit, we decided to get up early to get a good head start. We wanted to be the first on line. The car ride was approximately one hour. The view of the countryside was spectacular. Although I was enjoying the scenery, I managed to doze off here and there. When we got there, I was fully awake and ready to receive spiritual healing.

The spirit surgery clinic was located in a relatively poor area. As we approached the clinic, we noticed many parked cars with license plates from all over Brazil.

When we entered the gated area, I was astonished by the enormous amount of people already there. Instead of being the first on line, we were at the end of a very long line. Luckily, there were benches against the walls for people to sit while they waited to go in. We quickly sat and waited and waited and waited.

Despite the lengthy wait, I found the atmosphere to be extremely thought-provoking. The people in attendance came from all lifestyles. The affluent and the poor, the whites and the blacks, and the educated and the illiterate were as one standing or sitting shoulder to shoulder waiting to receive spiritual healing.

To my far right, there was a booth with an ample selection of shoes and apparel. I was informed that the items were donated for the needy. The person just needed to go, select, and take. No questions asked.

The spiritual clinic was undeniable a charitable and spiritual place.

Approximately two hours later, the sound of a buzzer went off. It was time for us to go in. The line began to move rapidly. Inside, various individuals were wearing white lab coats assisting the large crowd. In the center of the entrance wall was a large picture of a man. I was told it was Valentin, the spiritual medium in charge of the surgeries.

As we approached the main room, we quickly went to one of the massage tables and lay down.

The room was very spacious, with numerous massage tables situated around the room. As I was heading to my assigned table, I noticed an older man wearing a white lab coat with a pair of scissors. He appeared to be imitating a cutting motion. He continued to do this consistently from head to toe, approximately twelve inches above the person's body. His eyes had an absent look as if possessed.

Since I did not see any blood or people behaving outlandishly, I decided to stay.

The treatment lasted less than two minutes. I could not believe it. When I was about to get comfortable, I was told that it was over.

"What? How can it be over when I didn't feel anything? Get that man back. My spiritual surgery didn't work. I was cheated," I said to myself. Feeling disappointed, I began to get up from the table. As soon as I placed my feet on the floor, my head started spinning. I was utterly dizzy. I could not walk without the support of my friend. The strange sensation lasted a few hours.

Even though I was dizzy, inside I felt an immense sense of peace and happiness. It was a strange feeling. To this day, I can't explain what happened to me or adequately describe the sensation I felt inside.

Many people need to see to believe. Although no blood and/or removal of bodily parts were visible to the naked eye, I believe something occurred that day.

Believe and you shall receive


I'm being treated by Valentin, in Brazil, and I read your experience there. It seems to me that you only went there once and never returned. The right way to get treated by Valentin is to go back at least four more times. The second time you go back is to "remove the stitches" which is a metaphorical explanation, Valentin came up with just to make it easier for people to understand. When you "remove the stitches", you don't even need to lay down the massage table, just pass by Valentin in a line and he'll snap the scissors in front of you just in front of your chest. Then you have to have at least 3 applications and these are the same procedure as the first time you come. If your illness is in front of your body, you should lay belly up. If your illness is in the back, e.g back pains, then you lay belly down. During the long waiting period you should focus on positive things and think about what illness you have that you want to heal. The spirits are working to heal you from the time you enter Valentin's healing center so that's why Valentin tells people to always come early at 7am. It's open for healing every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning. You should not wait over 15 days between sessions. If you can't return because you will travel or live abroad, then you should leave your name and address so that the healing spirit goes to you. If you need healing, let me know and I'll write your name and address for you. While I'm waiting hours to get "operated on", the most amazing thing is talking to the people in line with you and discovering how they or their loved ones were healed by Valentin despite doctors saying they're conditions where hopeless. After I left the massage table, I just felt like crying with relief. It's an amazing feeling.

Rita ------------------------------

End of Brazil Spiritual Healer

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