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Art of Spirit
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Art of Spirit

Art of Spirit

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During a trip to the Lily Dale museum, I discovered something truly incredible. The Lily Dale museum is a spiritual treasure chest containing a vast collection of spiritual drawings, paintings, and much more.

As I was looking around and enjoying the remarkable spiritual pieces, I came across a drawing that left me speechless. However, before I tell you about the drawing and my reaction, I first need to explain something.

Many years ago, during a trance-like state, I saw myself in a semi dark room. The only light in the room was coming from a small window. The space was empty except for a ladder. One end of the ladder was attached to the floor, while the other end was connected to a door or opening on the ceiling.

As I climbed up the ladder and opened the door, I was amazed at what I saw and felt. It was a place like no other- a place of profound peacefulness and beauty. Upon entering this place, I immediately felt a lightweight sensation all over my body. It was as if all my earthly worries and emotional problems were removed from me.

The air felt light and intoxicating. As I looked around, I could see transparent figures moving around peacefully. Although they were not of the flesh, their energy was felt and seen very clearly. Enthralled by this transcendent place, I was oblivious of the being standing next to me. After a minute or two of savoring the beauty and tranquility of this place, I felt the presence of the being next to me.

Although I had not seen this being before in my earthy travels, I knew who she was. She was my maternal grandmother. Even though she had died eleven years before I was born, my mother kept her memory alive in our hearts. Here, she was standing beside me and greeting me with much love. I felt her love penetrating my soul.

She said that my mother was unable to come due to other matters she had to attend to, but soon she would come to visit me. Excited and hungry for information, I began to ask her questions. She smiled and calmly answered all of my questions.

As I looked down from where I was, I could see what appeared to be stars or planets. My grandmother told me that far, far away was the earth planet.

As we continued to converse, I asked her who were those transparent figures moving around. "They are souls that have just arrived and are in the process of starting the first stage of their spiritual journey," she replied.

From where we were standing, I could see a road leading to a building. Although the building was quite a long distance from where we were standing, I could see the building and the massive columns in front of it. Knowing beforehand what I was going to ask, my grandmother said, "The building is the first place you go to when you leave your earthly body. Since you are still in the body, you are not allowed to go there. You must remain in the designated area."

Even though there was much more information that my grandmother shared with me, it is not relevant to this page.

Now, let us go back to the Lily Dale museum. As mentioned above, I was left speechless by a drawing at the museum. It was a series of six or seven spiritual drawings depicting the death process. One of the drawings illustrates the first stage when the spirit leaves the body and enters the spiritual realm. Other spirits direct the spirit to a path that leads to a building with enormous columns. It is the first place newly arrived spirits must enter.

I was shocked to see that the path and building were identical to the one I had seen earlier. The building was exactly what my grandmother had explained to me.

(For further information on this spiritual drawing and/or other spiritual drawings and paintings, visit the Lily Dale museum in Upstate New York).

Many individuals are inspired and guided by spirits to do spiritual drawings. These spiritual drawings are spirits' ways of communicating, and assisting us in understanding the spirit world a bit better. Besides, they are letting us know that we are not alone.

Never underestimate the power of meditation. It can take you to places beyond your imagination.

A woman named Maria Lourdes, who has been a spiritual medium for approximately 75 years, created the drawings below. These drawings were created during the early stages of her spiritual development.

Thank you, Maria Lourdes, for sharing these wonderful spiritual drawings. They are a real treasure.

Art of spirit, art of spirit

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