Who is Father GOD ?
A Spiritual Revelation

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Who is Father GOD ?

Who is our spiritual creator? Where did He come from? How was He created? For some time, these and other questions have been occupying space in my mind. Every now and then, they surface causing me to ponder on the entire subject matter of God. Each time, I find myself back in square one with the same unanswered questions.

My search for answers is not the result of me being a non-believer. On the contrary, my faith in God is steadfast. It is a desire or curiosity that emanates from deep within my soul. It is a daughter’s quest to know the true identity of her Spiritual Father and Creator.

As always, things occur not when the person desires them to happen. Instead, they occur when the person least expects them to. That is what happened to me. After many years of wondering about the origin of God, without results, an unexpected message was revealed to me. It was during a meditative state that some light was shed upon the subject.

For those people who will frown after reading this page, I urge you to keep in mind that the information below is simply a vision while journeying into the spirit realm. It is not a proven fact or meant to be taken as such.

The following is a narrative of what I felt, saw and heard during a meditative journey.

I see myself stepping out of my body. I take a few steps forward leaving behind my physical body in a calm state.

Suddenly, I find myself standing in the middle of nowhere in total darkness. Unexpectedly, an unseen force propels me. I begin moving at an accelerated speed. I do not know if I am traveling back in time or into the future. I just keep moving in a dark and unknown sphere. I am not afraid.

From a distance, small sparkling objects appear. They seem to be stars, but I am not sure. I turn my head and see Earth. “So, this is the Universe,” I say to myself. As I continue to travel, Earth gets smaller and smaller until it finally vanishes. I start to slow down until I stop. I begin to float. It is a strange sensation as if gentle, loving hands are holding me. I feel a warm and glorious tingling sensation moving around me. The feeling is incomparable. I do not want to leave this place.

Abruptly, I begin to move rapidly. The darkness is dissipating. I am going from complete darkness to a place of immense potent light. The light is so intense that it is difficult to distinguish the things around me. The light is hurting my eyes. I close them, but feel my body moving forward. Now, I am walking. My feet are being guided. I continue walking until I am impeded to go on. I open my eyes, and see the most remarkable panorama I have ever seen. The intense light is gone. I see everything around me crystal clear.

At a distance, I see a man standing. He looks extremely familiar. However, I cannot recall where I have seen him. Perhaps, in one of my journeys. I stop entertaining the thought. It is not crucial. He appears to be waiting for me. I begin walking in his direction. When I approach him, he greets me with a smile. I can see a bright glowing aura encircling him. He walks, and I follow. I am so captivated by his divine energy that everything around me appears to be meaningless. I sense he is a spiritual teacher.

We continue walking until we reach a pond. He directs me to sit. I do so without any hesitation. I focus my attention on the water. It is a rich cerulean blue color. The water is so clear that I can see the bottom. I have never seen such a sight.

He begins to transmit his thoughts to me. I can sense and understand his thoughts clearly. He tells me to continue to focus on the water.

As I do so, a strange image begins to appear. The image is barely recognizable. As I continue to focus on the image, it begins to take a clearer form. The image is of a luminescent light. Although the image moves as a human, I cannot distinguish if it is. It is moving towards a building with colossal pillars and enters. Inside, it gathers with other similar looking images. The images gradually disappear.

“What is the meaning of this?” I ask. “You have seen the image of God,” he replies.

In a state of awe, my eyes remain fixed on the clear water, hoping and waiting for the return of the image. Nothing happens. I lift my head up and stare into the eyes of my spiritual teacher waiting for clarification.

He commences to share more of his thoughts. He reveals the following:

“Humanity has been speculating on the existence of God since the beginning of time. While some people believe in God unconditionally, others have tried every conceivable way to negate his existence. They have gone so far as to discredit the idea that He is the creator of all by using scientific methods to prove their theory. If they cannot see, feel or test it, it does not exist. God has been the topic of many debates by scholarly individuals throughout time. It is a topic that will continue to spark the curiosity of man to the end of time.”

"But, who is God and where did He come from?" I inquire.

"God has no beginning and no end. God has always been and will always be. He is eternal. He is the purest essence unknown to man. God belongs to a group known as illuminites. Although the true meaning of the word does not exist in your vocabulary, it is a word that describes the spiritual essence of God and others of his kind."

Who is Father GOD ?-to be continued. Some of the pages may take longer to complete since my computer is not functioning properly.

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