Oshun Goddess
The River Goddess

Oshun Goddess Prayer

Oshun Goddess

Oh, glorious oshun goddess! You who are my guide every day, I thank you for always being there for me and taking care of my family.

I will always ask you for health, abundance, stability, love, and strength, help me, you who are always with me as my protective guide.

I implore you to remove difficulties from my path and open them by bringing abundance, peace, and tranquility to my soul, pour out your prosperity in my family so that they never suffer or be in need.

Blessed mother, walk with me  always illuminate my path, so be it, mother.




Oshun with Mirror

Oshun, also spelled Ochun, is one of the most beloved and respected orishas in Santeria and other African religions. According to legend, Oshun and Chango were lovers.

Since she represents love and beauty, many individuals compare her the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. However, Oshun is considered to be much more powerful.

Oshun orisha is known for her flirtatious ways and vanity. She loves looking at herself in the mirror and has a passion for perfumes and pretty clothes. She enjoys dancing and having a good time. She represents femininity and seduction. Although she is primarily joyful, when she gets angry, she can be dangerous and doesn't easily forgive. Most of the written information on Oshun indicates when she arrives crying, it is a good sign, for they are tears of joy. However, if she arrives laughter beware, for it is a sign she is extremely angry/displeased.

In the book Santeria- The Religion, Gonzalez-Wippler wrote about a situation in which Oshun's fury was unstoppable. 

During a spiritual gathering/ceremony for Oshun santeria goddess, a man had channeled her energy. He began dancing around the group. He took on Oshun's complete persona. As the man, possessed by Oshun, danced, a man from the group called him a homosexual and slapped the man's butt. Everyone in the room remained still, not believing what they had witnessed. The man, still possessed, stopped and turned to the man. After staring at him for a long time, she said, "five days"- five being her number. Five days later, both men died of abdominal complications. Interestingly, Both men were buried on the same day.

Oshun orisha is responsible for the abdominal area and reproductive system. Many women unable to bear children pray to her in hope of conceiving. 

She is believed to have unlimited powers. Also, she is very generous and protective of her followers.

Daughter/Hija of Oshun

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