Mother Quan Yin
Miracle Worker
 Protector And Healer Of Women

Mother Quan Yin

Quan Yin or Kuan Yin is the protector of all women. She hears the cries of women around the globe. Many pregnant as well as childless women are her faithful followers.

A woman once told me an interesting story pertaining to Kuan Yin. This woman had been married for several years without conceiving. The couple's greatest desire was to have a child. She had gotten pregnant a few times, but only to have a miscarriage in her first trimester.

After numerous miscarriages, she felt defeated and hopeless. Her dreams of becoming a mother were unlikely. One day, she met a woman who transformed her life.

During a conversation, the woman said that she noticed a great sadness in her eyes. Instead of confirming the woman's observation, she told her that she was fine. When the woman asked her if she had any children, she was unable to conceal her true feelings. When she told the woman, she had none, a tear rolled down her face.

The woman told her to pray to Mother Kuan Yin. Additionally, she said that Kuan Yin was very merciful, and had helped many childless women. Although she was aware of Kuan Yin, she never thought of praying to her.

She began praying to Mother Kuan Yin, and soon became pregnant. Afraid of having a miscarriage, she prayed faithfully everyday. Nine months later, she and her husband became the proud parents of a baby boy.

After twenty-odd years, she and her husband remain faithful devotees to Mother Quan Yin.

Kuan Yin Fertility Prayer

Great Bodhisattva, Blessed Mother Quan Yin, I pray ye, help me to be fertile, I pray ye, help me to be fruitful, I pray ye, help me to conceive a healthy child, I ask this with all of my heart, I ask this with my body and soul, I ask this in your holy name, So be it! Blessed Be! Amen! (taken from a collection of prayer book)

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Mother Quan Yin.

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