Ma kali protected

I have always been a devotee of ma kali. I remembered when I little my grand parents always told me to pray to ma kali, that she will always protect me in life and I never knew what they meant by that but I did what I was told to do.

Then, at 21 yrs old I got married. My first yr of marriage I was diagnosed with lupus, I was sick for 16 yrs, almost died a few times, been on so much medications for all these yrs and thought that the meds were making me see things but one day I have a conversation with my family and they told me to go to Ma Kail church. Well I took their opinion and attended church, to my surprise Ma Kali came up and look at me and said,she is the one protecting me. That she is the one keeping me live. She also said the person I saw it's her and not my meds and I'm not crazy. She started to feed me sweets and poured water on me, I felt great since the day I walked out of this church, I continued to go and now most of my pain is gone and I'm off of some of my medications. I'm doing great. I love Mother kali.

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