Kali Appearance

by Julija Goacher
(London )

I was on a big cross-road of my life and everything was going downhill. I never heard of Kali nor any other Hindu god, but I started having visions of small goddess with many hands. Once, just before my life changed forever, she was standing on the wall in my hallway, with her tongue sticking out, and very serious expression on her face.
Some time had elapsed since this vision and I had undergone many changes in my life, some of which were not welcome, but were very much needed. I saw her again in the forest, on the skin of the tree, this time she was huge, all in green and glistening, most beautiful image I had ever seen, and she kept growing, right there, in front of my eyes, and then I got startled and unworthy of this beauty and I ran away. I told my Indian friend that I saw some sort of Indian Goddess and he mentioned that her name could be Kali. He then asked me whether she was beautiful or ugly and I said it was something most beautiful than anything I have ever seen in my life, to which he replied 'then it is all good'. I have not had any visions of Kali since, nor of any other god / goddess

I have been trying to draw, or paint her since but I find that I can not find the way to express her beauty in a proper way

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