Evil Spirits 
Feeding Off Our Imperfections

Evil spirits roam the earth looking for victims to instill their negative energy.

"...Evil spirit waits for the other whom he dislikes to be linked to his physical body so that, less free, he is more vulnerable, easier to be tormented, hurt in his personal interests or in his most dear affections" (Gospel According to Spiritism).

Recently, spirit gave me an important lesson to digest and explore. The lesson occurred during a spiritual gathering.

The gathering commenced as usual with everyone settling into their seats and listening attentively to the readings from the Gospel According to Spiritism and prayers. With the conclusion of the last prayer, the medium in charged began to convey a message about faith in God and His spiritual messengers.

Unexpectedly, a person from the group interrupted the medium. She had taken the medium’s words out of proportion and turned the situation into a personal attack. In seconds, the woman’s tone of voice, body language and over-all behavior had changed 180 degrees.

“Are you angry?” the medium asked her. “No, I am not,” she exclaimed. Meanwhile, her voice was quivering, facial muscles were tight and leg kept swinging back and forth in an uncontrollable manner. In an attempt to calm her down, one of the group members tried to defuse the situation, but only to be chewed out by the woman.

After a few minutes of pacing and speaking without giving in to the energy that had manifested, the medium sat down and closed her eyes. Within seconds, she incorporated the energy of a negative spirit. Everyone experienced the vile energy that had taken over the medium’s body. With much praying and spiritual light, the entity began to let go of some of the negative energy that it possessed.

When the entity left the medium’s body, a spiritual cleansing with herbs was administered to the woman. When the process was concluded, the woman’s behavior had reversed completely. She became very docile.

Due to the steadfast faith of the group, the situation had a successful ending. If the same situation had occurred in an environment where faith was lacking, the situation would have escalated into an intense argument or worst.

Spirits of light have said that negative spirits feed on our imperfections and weaknesses. Therefore, it is important for us to recognize our imperfections and/or weaknesses, and work at correcting them.

According to spirits of light, some negative spirits pass themselves as spirit guides to deceive us. They are impure spirits who are inclined to evil. They, “give to men perfidious counsels, stir up discord and distrust, and assume every sort of mask in order the more effectually to deceive” (The Spirits’ Book by Allan Kardec).

Negative or impure spirits attach to spirit mediums who possess impure traits. These mediums are ego feeders who sell their mediumship abilities for a price, possess seeds of evilness inside them and are insensitive to the suffering of others.

In order to avoid great harm, we should not heed the counsels of these mediums and their spirit guides.

Much information has been written about these harmful spirits. In Drum and Candle by David St. Clair, he shared the following:

“One woman killed her two children because she had attended a session and was told that her children were really demons in disguise and that the only way she would ever find happiness would be to rid herself of them. Another woman was horribly burned after being told by a spirit medium that she must walk through fire to be cleaned of the evil eye. A man committed murder because a spirit told him that his wife’s cancer was bought about by a neighbor’s curse.” And, the list goes on.

It is important to remember that the mission of spirits of light is to bring love and sensible advice to all humans. Destruction of self and others is not part of the plan.

Please, use all of your senses to distinguish good from bad. Do not allow evil spirits to influence your actions or thoughts. Let us chip away our imperfections, and release them to the universe.

Life is not perfect. We are not perfect. However, we have the ability to make changes and dismiss some or all the negative energy that surrounds us.

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Evil spirits,Evil spirits

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