Elegua’s help and Love

I must say that ever since I received my warriors Elegua of all of them has been a tremendous positive force in my life. I received them in 2015. My experience with Elegua has been life-changing. YOU MUST BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK HIM FOR. He will usually bless you with what you ask but if the request is really not what’s right for you, in the long run, he will let you learn this the hard way to teach you. The thing of Elegua as a messenger from God and him being able to deliver messages to God in a timely manner. You must stay true and faithful. To show him thanks light candles to the left of him on Monday’s and every third of the month. Cook him chicken and rice and let it be by him for 3 days. Fill his bowl with candy, he enjoys rum, agutiente, cigars, and coffee. Do not only give him offerings “oti” when you are asking for something, instead make it a habit every Monday and 3rd of the month. If this is done faithfully and with a pure heart the benefits are endless. Those of you that are skeptical I understand your ignorance towards this but please do not knock it until you have a good understanding on how it works and the True meaning behind it all. Elegua is a master warrior and takes care of the ones that love and believe in him and this is a Fact! Ashe Ire.

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