by Lori
(California )

Hello my name is Lori well I have an elegua first of i wasGoing through a rough time in my life when this lady came into my life and she told me that she will help me live the path that I needed to live I was crying and crying and didn’t know where to go where to turn or who to turn to but she came into my life so I thought to myself that God brought her to me so she told me and I needed to buy an elegua That he was going to help me open my doors and shut all the bad doors that are coming around me so then I told her OK how much she said 1800 and I said OK if this is going to help me OK so then she said I’ll give you a mass with it and things will go better so she gave me the Elegua and all she told me was to light candles and that I had to buy ochun and oya and Chango and obatala and each one cost thousand 1800 so I got all these santerías and she said good things are coming to me well I started to notice that everything was going wrong I started to notice that she was telling me that I only had three days to live in that she needed money from me to save my life so then I started to be smart and ask her if I have my elegua he should be a big help and when are you going to do my mass and then she started ignoring my calls I haven’t heard back from her so I have all these santería That I’ve been praying to keeping my candles on giving them their liquor there coconut their food making offerings and I’m trying my best is there any type of advice you can give me or send me a number to anybody from anybody to help me I’m just looking for help I’m looking to be set on the right path thank you for listening to my story

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Sep 11, 2018

by: Anonymous

First, this should be a lesson you should learn from. You helped the woman with her luck by giving her your money. Your bad luck was created by you. You should have turned to GOD. Without GOD nothing is possible. With GOD everything is possible. Now the woman will not answer your calls. That is because she has gotten all she wanted from you. Open up your heart and spiritual sense, connect with GOD and HIS/HER spirit messengers and see what advice they will offer. You have the power to turn things around. Do you have a facebook page?

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