Aura Meaning -An Luminous Field That Surrounds Us

Aura Meaning

An aura is an electromagnetic field that encircles human beings and all objects in the Universe.

According to Wikipedia, “an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation supposedly surrounding a person or object (like the halo or aureola of religious art) that some people are claimed to be capable of observing by means of their third eye. The depiction of such an aura in religious art usually connotes a person of particular power or holiness.”

An aura is known to radiate from the body, “approximately 2-3 feet on all sides; and extends above the head and below the feet into the ground.”

Some literatures state that an aura is made up of seven layers. These layers are linked together working to maintain a balance in the person’s overall behavior and health. When one of these layers is not in a state of equilibrium, the others are affected causing an imbalance in the person.

Edgar Cayce, a well-known American psychic, had the ability to see auras. From early on, he would see auras, in various colors, around people. He described it as “gently pouring from their heads and shoulders.”

There are various aura colors. Each color has a different meaning. Below is a brief description of some of the aura colors. This information was gathered from Edgar Cayce’s book called Auras, and

Red represents life force, vigor, energy and nervous tension.

Dark Red= high temper and nervous turmoil. A person with a dark red aura tends to be controlling and impulsive.

Light Red= nervous, active and self-centered.

Scarlet= super-ego.

Pink= immaturity.

Orange represents thoughtfulness and creativity. A person with an orange color aura has a tendency to suffer from kidney problems.

Golden Orange=self-control

Brownish Orange=lack ambition and motivation.

Yellow represents good health, well-being, positive attitude and mental alert.

Ruddy Yellow=timid.

Green represents healing and peace.

Green with a dash of blue=helpful and trustworthy.

Yellow Green= deceitful

Blue represents spirit, heaven and prayer. The deeper the blue, the better.

Pale Blue=struggle towards maturity. “The person may not be talented, but he tries. He will have many heartaches and headaches, but he will keep going in the right direction” (Aura by Edgar Cayce).

Aqua Blue=hard worker, gets a lot done.

Deep Blue=moody, spiritual-minded, freethinkers, unselfish and caring. “They have a mission and they steadfastly go about fulfilling it”

Violet represents wisdom. Individuals with this color in their aura tend to be seekers. In addition, they have a tendency to experience heart and stomach problems.

White is the color of perfect balance. We all strive for this color. “If our souls were in perfect balance, then all our color vibrations would blend, and we would have an aura of pure white. Christ had this aura.”

Black is the color of death, negative energies, depression, unresolved karma and lack of forgiveness.

For further information go to or read Edgar Cayce’s book called Auras.

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